Artist Self-Publishers' Fair - The Sequel at The ICA

Following on from the success of the inaugural ASP: Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair in 2015, this year ASP hosts over 70 UK and international independent artist self-publishers for a one-day fair.

At the fair, the publications are the art works; affordable and available, with the ideas, images and text produced and published by artists who understand the restrictions and freedoms of the printed page. In addition to those selected for the fair, ten places will be allocated through open submission.

Date: 10 September at 11:00–18:00
Location: ICA, The Mall, SW1Y 5AH London, United Kingdom

Topsafe Screening & Magazine Launch Party at the ICA

STOP PLAY RECORD and Topsafe host a free night of films by emerging and leading London based filmmakers.

Watch new films from Will Robson Scott, Hector Dockrill, Bafic, Frank Lebon and Mollie Mills and Dear Mr. Quistgaard and hear from some of the directors following the screening.

Afterwards, Topsafe will launch their new magazine CASEBOOK with a free after party in the bar with music from Sonic Verse & more TBA.

Date: 7 September at 18:30–23:00
Location: ICA, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH
Tickets:  Free tickets available here.

35 WORKS ON PAPER Exhibition At Beers London

BEERS London is extremely proud to bring together a diverse selection of artists who have each contributed one-to-two original work(s) on paper for exhibit in 35 Works on Paper. The show features emerging, mid-career, and established artists from around the globe who each bring their unique perspective to an exhibition that celebrates art in what can often be its simplest, most instantaneous - and invariably profound - articulation. The included works cover a large breadth: including abstract, figurative, and even conceptual pieces, as well as proposed sketches, text-based work, painting, drawing, and even collage. All are unique works (none editioned!) either created specifically for this exhibition or culled from the artist's own personal archive.

Featuring work from the following artists:
Dale ADCOCK | Andrew BIRK | Sverre BJERTNES | Laura BRUCE | Yvette COPPERSMITH | Kim DORLAND | Austin EDDY | Danny FOX | Alicia GIBSON | Paul HOUSLEY | Gary HUME | Andy KOLAR | Adam LEE | Rhys LEE | Christian LITTLE | Jonathan LUX | Jessie MAKINSON | Kathryn MAPLE | Holly MILLS | Ryan NORD KITCHEN | Tal R | Josh REAMES | Tony ROMANO | Andrew SALGADO | Mason SALTARRELLI | Daniel SEGROVE | Struan TEAGUE | Kristian TOUBORG | Johannes VANDERBEEK | Paul WACKERS

Preview: Tuesday 23 August 6-8pm
Exhibition: 24 August - 24 September 2016
Beers London, 1 Baldwin Street, London, EC1V 9NU

Distorted Reality - London debut of street artist Alaniz

DISTORTED REALITY will be an intimate exploration of culture and humanity. It is the personal research of a traveller. Discovering the human nature, society and the world - it will question our concept of reality and try to explore what influences it.

From the moment we are born, we are constantly learning and remembering things we see and hear. We are sent to school, where the educational systems are based on archaic archetypes set up by ancient and outdated intuitions. This information we receive is what defines our concept of reality. Education is the first, it is there to lay down the foundations and then as grow older religion, politics and the media come into play – altering the population’s vision of life.

The term 'reality distortion field' (RDF) was used by Bud Tribble in 1981 to describe Steve Job's charisma and the effects it had on his employees. A mixture of charm, charisma, bravado, marketing and persistence, he had the ability to convince others and even himself to believe almost anything. This ingenious recipe is used by many people of power with politians being the prime example.

It is through our own life experiences that we can begin to understand the real world we live in, and try to dissociate between what is told to be true, and what in reality is the truth. Unfortunately, more often than not, instead of finding the answers for ourselves we choose to buy them from our closest reality dealer without even questioning the source of this packaged view of the world.

Many of these concepts of existence, manipulated by systems of power, are no more than old paradigms of what life is thought to be. But over time as the truth manifests and the collective conscious becomes aware, we begin to observe the actual situation of our planet, and can try to comprehend the perishable nature of these ancient conceptions.

In this exhibition Alaniz paints his distorted vision of our reality, based on his experience collected during his journey through different lands and cultures. He uses mostly his own photographs as reference for his paintings, extracting certain parts of information from the original and producing a rearranged version of them. His intention is not the aim of manipulation but to reflect on the personal state of humanity as one single entity.

Exhibition opens 14th September 2016.
Facebook Event Page here. 
Location: 1963 gallery space, 129a Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB.

Oculus by Pyramid Oracle at BSMT Space in Dalston, London

'OCULUS' by @pyramidoracle showcases a collection of intricate and symbolic works that examine the dimensions of human spirit, and the complex world that it inhabits.

In a world where everything is recycled... nothing is new under the sun. With all things constantly being repurposed there is no originality. Only that which is authentic. By exploring the metaphysical, it seeks to capture the often imperceptible geometric systems that permeate through all of nature. And revisit venerable means of understanding the great mysterious architecture of the universe.

Exhibition runs from the 18 August - 24 August.
BSMT Space, 5D Stoke Newington Road, N168BH