Silent Shout: Works by Helen Bur at Saatchi, London

Silent Shout: Works by Helen Bur at Saatchi, London

LONDON, UK, 20 October 2021 – Saatchi Gallery will open an exhibition of works by artist Helen Bur in one of its main gallery spaces on Friday 12 November 2021. 

The exhibition will be open to the public from 12 November to 5 December 2021 with free admission. In this new body of works by artist Helen Bur, painted figures are captured in moments of quiet action, self-reflection and stillness. 

Obscured in the pause of a gesture and imbued with a sense of the surreal, Bur sensitively depicts those around her as fragments of the bigger picture. Her interest in activism and the power of groups for change, intersects with a more deeply personal reflection: in what moments, or through what means, can one come to know oneself and others?

Combining loose gestural marks with painterly figuration, we are invited to come to stillness in a moment of motion and experience the subtle nuances of emotion that can be felt and held on the canvas's surfaces. Silent Shout features works that encourage the viewer to question how we need others to truly understand ourselves. 

In the words of Sophie Mak-Schram “Bur’s Paintings elide or leave room for you to listen for what is unsaid, unseen or not yet known. They hover in the moment of becoming… transforming…about to make some noise”. 

Works from Silent Shout will be available for purchase. 

Location / Space: Saatchi Gallery, Gallery 3, Ground Floor 
Dates and Opening Hours: Open to the public: Friday 12 November – Sunday 5 December 2021. 10am – 6pm Monday - Sunday (last admission 5.00pm) 
Admission : Free Entry. Pre-booking not required.

Illustrator Tony Riff's SOLITARY Exhibition

Tony Riff_BSMT_SPACE_02

This November, Tony Riff will be bringing his unique illustrative style to BSMT Space for his debut solo show ‘Solitary’.

Blending elements of bold colours, abstract shapes and vibrant characters, Tony Riff’s artwork is a glimpse into a world populated by mythical creatures, forgotten mascots, shady street dwellers and everything in between.

Loosely revolving around the feelings of isolation, boredom and restlessness that came with adjusting to life under lockdown, the artwork for the show is based on the rough concept sketches and notes that were put together during 2020.

‘Solitary’ will be a peek into a new side of Tony Riff, while still maintaining the same playful approach we have come to associate with the artist’s work.

Opening hours: Wed - Sun 10am -5pm, Sat 10 - 6

The show opens with a private view THIS THURSDAY November 11th and runs until November 21st.

 Find BSMT Space at 529 Kingsland Rd, E84AR

Dutch collage artist PERISHABLE RUSH at BSMT

Dutch collage artist PERISHABLE RUSH at BSMT

London gallery BSMT in collaboration with OLLY STUDIO are bringing the delicate, layered style of Dutch collage Street Artist Perishable Rush to BSMT for an introductory show. 

Originally scheduled to open at the start of November, the gallery have revised their program in line with current UK government guidance and will be holding the exhibition on the first weekend of December. So you'll still have the opportunity to see the delicate nature of these works in the flesh.

Dutch collage artist PERISHABLE RUSH at BSMT

Perishable Rush's pieces are put together using wrappers, old posters and paper debris from the streets of the countries he visits, each work carefully built to reveal a mask which at once is unbelievably intricate but speaks of a deeper truth. 

MASKED will now be running from Dec 5th to Dec 6th, with a limited collection of full size paper masks, postcard pieces and a print release on display. 

Tickets for the exhibition can be booked online in advance here. You can also request a preview of the show catalogue using the following email address -

Gallery Address - BSMT SPACE, 529 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, London E84AR

Street Artist D*Face Archived & Unseen Works

Street Artist D*Face Archived & Unseen Works Exhibition

StolenSpace Gallery is excited to present a unique solo show of archived and unseen works by London based street artist D*Face. 

D*Face Archived & Unseen Exhibition

Curated together for the first time, these pieces are being celebrated after dusting off the cobwebs during a studio clear out. 

D*face had to call in professional help to organise his hoarding haven, luckily there were no dead rats - but some rare gems and dead queens were found, editions that were meant to have been released but never were, and a few more misprints tucked away

Street Artist D*Face Archived & Unseen Works

This is an exciting opportunity to get a peek into the creative world of his studio, as StolenSpace unmask hidden prints and unique paper pieces.

Expect to see his recognisable family of dysfunctional characters and imagery, some of which have been misprinted or played around with to create truly special one-offs.

Some truly individual test prints will also be on show, demonstrating the dedication and experimentation that goes into creating the perfect print.

The plan chests have been decluttered, the drawers have been opened, so please join us to support D*face in helping part ways with pieces that have never seen the light of day!

D*Face Archived & Unseen

Exhibition dates: 04th September 2020 running until the  27th September 2020.

Location: StolenSpace Gallery,17 Osborn Street, London E1 6TD

Dave Towers solo show At BSMT Gallery

Dave Towers Dalston Exhibition at BSMT Gallery, London

Typography meets wit. Dave Towers, the name behind design campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world has long mastered the art of visual communication. 

Having climbed the ladder rung by rung in the advertising world, he has seen his typography applied on everything from bicycles to billboards. 'Hope' the first solo show by Towers will encompass the personal work and passion of the artist by showcasing his playful manipulation of the physicality of type through a collection of canvases. 

Yes the letters and words create meaning but the forms themselves stand alone and are equally as important. Twenty years of working digitally has by contradiction resulted in his ability to produce near perfect lettering using only marker pens by hand. Watching the process is hypnotic, captivating and somewhat unbelievable.

This highly-anticipated show will mark the reopening of BSMT Gallery this September, as they prepare to welcome us back to their revamped gallery space based in Dalston, London. 

Expect large and small scale works, abstract paintings, painting on glass and a few playful references to our shared experience of what 2020 has represented so far.

'Hope' opens on September 3rd with a private view and will run from Sept 4th to Sept 20th.

To RSVP for the opening night email:
BSMT, 529 Kingsland Rd, London, E84AR