The Coningsby Gallery presents H.Y.T. Studio: ‘Business or pleasure’‏

The Coningsby Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition of H.Y.T. studio entitled ‘Business or Pleasure’.

H.Y.T. studio will present a new body of work produced over the past months. Featuring a series of bold, colourful paintings. The exhibition addresses the tensions between a commercially focused style and a personal uninhibited approach.

The artist has used unwanted elements from commercial projects to create bold, semi-abstract paintings. “Most of the graphics and illustrations I make are unused. This is not to say they are ‘not good enough’ rather they have been deemed inappropriate for a specific task”. The rejected elements have been repurposed, organised and overlaid subtly with established corporate motifs. The result is a series of paintings that are visually busy but simple, displaying techniques that are between illustration and design. Stylistic illustration and corporate iconography are objectified to exist in a gallery context, challenging our perceptions of function and purpose, existing in the space between ‘Business or Pleasure’.

H.Y.T. is the illustration and graphic design studio of artist John Slade and operates between London and Ireland. He graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2000. He has participated in exhibitions and been published in a wide variety of publications.

Exhibition Opens: Monday 9th May to Saturday 22nd May 2016
Private View: Thursday 12th May, 6.00pm - 8.30pm

Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London. W1T 4RJ

Fifth Wall TV EP006 - Copyright & Street Art

Having heard about a series of recent cases of copyright infringement from public art Doug over at Fifth Wall TV wanted to scratch the surface of how uncomissioned public art and artistic ownership work.

As with most of these videos this is an invitation for you to make up your own mind on this and hopefully this will encourage you to go keep an eye out for such cases in the future.

Filmed, Edited and Hosted by Doug Gillen for Fifth Wall TV. To check out some of the previous episodes subscribe to his Fifth Wall TV Youtube Channel.