Dscreet presents DUBL VERMIN starring Skewville

SKEWVILLE ran out of time to make any artwork for our upcoming exhibition so he went out deep into Brooklyn and found us two rats instead. 

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DUBL TRUBL's debut best ever exhibition ever in the world opens September 18th at Urban Spree, Berlin.

Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink present: MINIATURE INK

Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink magazine are delighted to announce Miniature Ink, an exhibition featuring miniature original artwork from over 100 of the world's leading tattoo artists, opening 24th September 2014. Celebrating both the second anniversary of Things&Ink and launch of ‘The Illustration Issue’, the exhibition is also being held to raise awareness for Sarcoma UK, with profits from sales being donated to the charity.

Opening on the eve of London Tattoo Convention 2014 and with tattoo culture very much in the zeitgeist, for Miniature Ink Things&Ink Editor Alice Snape has invited a huge variety of tattooers to contribute a postcard-sized artwork of a subject matter of their choice. Small but perfectly formed, each work is the same affordable price, providing an opportunity for all art lovers to own an original by some of the industry’s most sought-after names. Featuring a diverse array of styles, techniques and subject matter, Miniature Ink is a dynamic exhibition that showcases the very best in contemporary tattoo artistry.

Both Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink passionately support the notion that the work of talented tattoo artists should be considered as fine art. Miniature Ink is the second exhibition the pair has collaborated on and follows 2013’s Under Her Skin, which featured the work of twelve talented female tattoo artists.


Abbie Williams // Adam Sage // Ael Lim // Alessandro Jako // Alex Binnie // Alexandra SkarsgĂ„rd / Alexandra Wilkey //Alexis Camburn // Amanda Abbott // Angelique Houtkamp // Anna Garvey // Antony Flemming Araceli 4Ever // Aron John Dubois // Axa Shireen // Betty Rose // Bob Done // Brenden Jones // Brian Thomas Wilson // Bugs // Caleb Kilby // Cally-Jo // Cass Bramley // Charlotte Timmons // Cris Cleen // Curly Moore // Danielle Rose // Dominique Holmes // Drew Linden // Duncan X // Ebony Mellowship // Eddy-Lou // El Bernardes // El Nigro // Emily Wood // Eva Huber // Fidjit // Flo Nuttall // Georgina Liliane // Gergely Kun // Gia Rose // Giovanni (Black Heart) // Grace Neutral // Hannah Keuls // Hannah Mosley // Harriet Hapgood // Inma Iris Lys // Isobel Stevenson // Jack Thomas Newton // Jake Danielson // Jenna Yenik // Jesse (Scratchline) // Jessica Mach // Jody Dawber // Judd Ripley // Juliette Mousseau // Keely Rutherford // Kelly McGrath // Kelly Smith // Kodie Smith // Lina Stigsson // Lorena Morato // Lucy O’Connel // Malvina (Scratchline) // Marija Ripley // Matt Black // Matthew Gordon // Matty D’Arienzo // Missy Rhysing // Mister Paterson // Naepier Tattoo // Nerida Nicolson // Nikole Lowe // Paul Davies // Pedro Santos // Peter Aurisch // Phil Kyle // Polly Sands // Rachel Baldwin // Rebecca Vincent // Robert William Ashby // Sadee Johnston // Sanya Youalli Scott Move // Shannon Meow Stephen Hutchison // Susanna Widmann // Tamara Lee // Tiny Miss Becca // Toby Gawler // Tom ‘Wookie’ Devine // Toni Moore // Tracy D // Uncle Allan // Virginia Elwood // Wendy Pham Woody (James Woodford) // WT Norbert // Zoe Binnie

Atomica Gallery, 29 Shorts Gardens, London, WC2H 9AP
Opening reception: Wednesday 24th September 2014, 6-9pm

REKA Trip The Light Exhibition

Trip The Light is the latest solo exhibition by Melbourne-born, Berlin-based artist James Reka. Exploring the splendor of the female form in dance, his deft brushstrokes and fluid lines create a hypnotic dynamic movement that prances between his canvases. It is Reka's London debut and his first solo show at Stolenspace Gallery.

Using a multi-medium background that mimics the textured surfaces he paints on in the streets, Reka's clean lines and confident figures swagger off the canvas in the same way that the eye is drawn to the singular unrestrained dancer in a room full of two-steppers. They duck and sway in and out of monochrome darkness. His figures are enveloped within the movement of the painting, totally immersed in their own bliss while still projecting overt sensuality. They are the sirens of the nightlife, taunting and tempting the viewer to come and become lost in their fantasy.

A series of painted found objects accompany these 10 large canvases - Reka has become known for his series of repurposed readymades. These rusted spray cans, bottles, pans and other miscellany are often found on his many scavenges around Berlin's abandoned warehouses. By taking the tools of the artists before him and repurposing them into new works of art, he is carrying the tradition of the street in the contemporary world.

Reka's work has recently been exhibited in Stroke NYC, Melbourne and Denmark, and he has partaken in festivals around the world from Montreal to Hawaii. His work appears on walls and private collections in Tokyo, San Francisco and Paris, including in The National Gallery Of Australia's permanent collection.

REKA 'Trip The Light' opens the 11.09.14 - 04.10.14
Stolen Space Gallery, 17 Osborn Street , London E1 6TD   

G‐SHOCK Art Sessions with Matt Small Installation

G-SHOCK have announced details of the fifth instalment of their G-SHOCK East Art Sessions in collaboration with Urban Nerds Collective on 7th September 2014, featuring the work of painter Matt Small.

London based Matt Small passionately believes in social inclusion – a theme that can be seen throughout his work. Painting directly onto found metal, Small creates works of a strongly urban aesthetic that express his world view that given the opportunity, all individuals have something of value to contribute to society.

Entitled ‘Digital/Analogue’ the East Store installation will feature a wall-mounted ‘gradual pixelated erosion’ of Small’s painted work, contained within a frame constructed in the shape of a smartphone – reflecting the idea that in the digital age an artist’s work is predominantly viewed online within the constraints of 72dpi. Aiming to explore the question of how creatives can combat the ‘dumbing down’ of life and re-engage with their viewers to encourage an appreciation in real life interactions, the installation will also feature a series of hand finished lino cut prints on vinyl records in a further exploration of analogue, tangible formats battling a world of digital formats.

 ‘Its great that I have been given the time and consideration by G-SHOCK to showcase my art works at their store'. – Matt Small

The exhibition launches on Thursday 4th September, from 7pm at the G-SHOCK East Store, Old Truman Brewery. Sign up for the guest list here - www.g-shock.co.uk/mattsmall