Invisiblemadevisible Top 50 for 2010

As we draw to the end of 2010 we have picked some our favorite flickr uploads from this year taken around East London and put together our top 50 in this slideshow. They are in no particular order, some are favorite pieces, other we like the photos and the rest were picked for various reasons; content, colour, placement, texture! You can also check our 2009 Top 50 selection here.
Eine — HappyEnjoy and we wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

Dran — I Love My World Book

New book from Dran 'I Love My World' is available from Edition Populaire's website for EURO15.

Rising Stars In Bethnalhem Video

If you missed the 'Rising Stars in Bethnalhem' show at The High Roller Society which closed yesterday, Butterfly has put together this clip from the exhibition.

Boom & Bust Issue 02— London Tags

The second issue of Boom &Bust is now live, once again featuring a photo collection of London tags. If you missed the first issue you can view it here.

Shelter's 52 Weeks Auction/Exhibition

Housing charity Shelter has teamed up with Margaret and 20 Hoxton Square Projects to create ‘52 Weeks’, a unique show with 52 artists having each donated a piece of work inspired by weeks of the year. The collection will be on display at 20 Hoxton Square Projects in London from Thursday 25 – Saturday 27 November.

The exhibition aims to highlight the shocking reality that every week across Britain, almost 5,000 households face the nightmare of losing their home.

Popular artists including Sir Peter Blake, Eine and RYCA, Dan Baldwin, Jon Burgerman,Rob Ryan, Jessica Alburn, Stanley Donwood are among the 52 artists who have contributed to the exhibition.The full line up can be viewed on Shelters website.

All 52 pieces will be auctioned in aid of Shelter. A live auction will take place on 24 November of 15 pieces. All other items will be available through a silent auction at the venue and online auction for the duration of the exhibition, bids will end on Saturday 27th November at 6pm. If you are interested in taking part and would like a full catalogue or to attend the live auction, please contact

20 Hoxton Square Projects | 20 Hoxton Square | London | N1 6NT

The Street Art Stencil Book

The Street Art Stencil Book, by On.Studio and published by Laurence King recently is a pure celebration of the art of the stencil. It features 20 laser-cut stencils by street artists. The 20 stencils are on perforated card so they can be easily removed and used. As well as a profile of each artist and an in-situ photograph to accompany their stencil, there is also an interview with Blek Le Rat.

Tagged by many as the father of street stencil art (despite his own citing of John Fekner as its originator) Blek Le Rat has been the movement’s driving force for nearly thirty years. As well as giving an interview in which he discusses his work and what he thinks about street art today, he has created a stencil for the book.

Stencils included have been created by: AIKO, Alexandre Orion, Btoy, Bandit, Ben Frost, Blek Le Rat, Bork, C215, D*Face, EElus, Eine, Hush, Jef Aérosol, Logan Hicks, M-City, Mantis, Nick Walker, Paul Insect, Pure Evil and X0000X.

The book is available from Amazonand other good bookshops.

Kid Acne — Concrete Hermit

Kid Acne returns to London with a new show opening Thursday 11th November 2010 at the Concrete Hermit Gallery. This is Ackers first London solo show of 2010: ‘When The Smoke Clears’ will be a presentation of new works, as well as a new line of products, including T-Shirts, a sweatshirt, and an excpetional-quality screen prints.

During the show, Acne will also be re-designing the window display at Concrete Hermit's Kingly Court shop space, where all his products will also be available, including his awesome Stabby Women zine.

Concrete Hermit | 5A Club Row | Shoreditch | London | E1 6JX
Launch party from 6pm on the 11th November 2010

Lokey Solo Show — Weapons Of Choice

Bristol's Weapon of Choice Gallery are hosting the first solo show from the artist know as 'Lokey'.

Lokey was born and raised in Bristol. His passion for Graffiti started in the mid 1980’s through a chance meeting in a local park, with some kid’s break-dancing who had returned from their holiday in America with hip-hop mix tapes and photographs of Graffiti.

Lokey, amongst Bristol's second wave of graffiti writers is the youngest of the veterans. Growing up in the Kingswood Hip Hop scene that nurtured the likes of Deed, Cheo, Kato and Soker went on to be a member of Bad Applez, Dry Breadz & more recently Weapon of Choice. Collaborator with Banksy amongst many others Lokey has been painting the streets of Bristol over the last 2 decades in the once underground scene, which is now very much a part of the day to day lives of Bristolian people.

"Considered one of the best 3D letter writers around but not being pinned down to just 3D, keeping a vast amount of styles under his belt." — Weapons of Choice

The show is an exhibition of artworks adapted from Lokey’s black books, his inspiration for his Graffiti, and an insight into his imagination. Opening preview 12th November 6-10pm. Show runs until the 5th of December 2010.

Weapon of Choice Gallery | 14 St Michaels Hill | Bristol | BS2 8DT

Beautiful Losers Documentary

You can now watch Beautiful Losers in it's entirety online thanks to the guys over at Babelgum. The documentary is about the DIY art scene in '90s New York which launched the careers of Harmony Korine, Mike Mills and Shepard Fairey.

Directed by Aaron Rose and featuring the following artists: Thomas Campbell. Shepard Fairey. Jo Jackson. Chris Johanson. Margaret Kilgallen. Harmony Korine. Geoff McFetridge. Barry McGee. Mike Mills. Stephen Powers. Ed Templeton.

Small Acts of Resistance Exhibition

In ‘Small Acts of Resistance’ Black Rat Projects brings together six international contemporary artists whose work bears the stamp of both the artist’s aesthetic vision and the activist’s world changing ambition. Works by Peter Kennard, Dot Masters, Matt Small, Know Hope,  and Armsrock will be on display from Thursday 4th November –Tuesday 30th November 2010. In addition to this, there will be a large-scale site specific installation created by Swoon.

A preview evening for the exhibition will be held on Thursday 4th November from 6pm – 9pm.

Black Rat Projects | 83 Rivington Street | London EC2A 3AY

Dan Witz — Video

We are loving this clip from Dan Witz.

Will Barras — Bad Reception Exhibition

“When I used to phone up Duncan (Mr Jago) he would have to go and stand on a chair in his kitchen to get reception, so I painted 'Bad Reception', the first painting I made for this body of work and the title of the show. You can see a character standing on the ledge outside his flat on the 25th floor. Does he have to stand on the ledge to get phone reception, has he just been given terrible news and he is about to jump, is he spying on the penthouse opposite, or does he just like standing on the ledge?”

Bad Reception will showcase never before exhibited works, painted over the course of the past two years, by Will Barras. Featuring stunning paintings in acrylic, spraypaint, oil and ink on canvas and linen as well as a brand new limited edition hand pulled screen print by the artist.

Will Barras’ composition and fluid lines provide poignant detail in liquid abstraction. The subject matter is readily familiar, but captured in a manner that seems to jar time and space with psychedelic abstraction. It is his way of expressing the emotional movements of this labour. It is therapy and pleasure and necessity.

The show opens on the 28 October and will run at the gallery until the 14 November 2010.

StolenSpace | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London
Image ©Will Barras

David Shillinglaw — Colourful Condition

Colourful Condition presents a collection of work by London based artist, David Shillinglaw. His work includes map-like diagrams, anatomical studies,and hieroglyphic landscapes, that discuss ideas about identity, and the riddle of the human condition.

Shillinglaw describes, “Life is a struggle. For everyone. From the smallest insect to the greatest beast, we are determined by the success we seek, and how, in turn we measure that success. Each of us experiencing ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Like a game of snakes and ladders."

The book features a foreword by Drew de Soto and is introducted by King Adz. The book is available now from the artist website.

Street Art — Seen on the streets

Dale GrimshawDale Grimshaw
Best EverBest Ever

Lots of new work going up on the streets of East London despite the recent weather. To view the full set check out our flickr.

Moniker Art Fair: Herakut

Babelgum shot this exclusive time-lapse video of German street art duo Herakut setting up their project space at this years Moniker Art Fair which took place in London last weekend.

Ronzo — The Credit Crunch Monster

This is a little mocumentary about the making of Crunchy, the infamous credit crunch monster monument of East London (located near Liverpool Street/close by the Financial District). Once Crunchy marked the rise of the credit crunch and the beginning of the recession - Now it's a monument dedicated to the victims of the financial crisis. In case anyone still wonders what it is made from, the secret is now revealed: It's not made from stone!

Hell's Half Acre — Babelgum Preview

Babelgum have been allowed an exclusive preview of Hell's Half Acre, Lazarides Galleries' new off-site exhibition, which will be open for viewing from October 12 to 17 2010. The labyrinth of tunnels beneath London's Waterloo station have been converted into a large-scale evocation of Dante's Inferno. Visitors will explore a unique interpretation of the nine circles of hell through the vision of artists including Conor Harrington, Vhils, George Osodi, Antony Micallef, Doug Foster, Todd James, Paul Insect, Mark Jenkins, Boogie, Ian Francis, Polly Morgan, Jonathan Yeo and many more.

Vermin — Room 101 Exhibition

Art-el proudly presents “Room 101, The Fine Art of Graffiti'. This is the first solo show of works from the artist Dale 'vn' Marshall a.k.a. Vermin. Room 101 will showcase 101 oil paintings completed in 101 days, (during the summer 2010), as well as five additional show paintings and site-specific installations, all deeply reflecting and exposing Vermin's ongoing battles with the rigours and demands of mental health.

In total around 140 paintings were finally completed in the 101 days before the artist enforced his stringent quality control to tailor that down to the required number.

All of the works in the exhibition will signal the artists salient diversion to the medium of oil on canvas, resulting in work with subtle backgrounds, impasto and consummate depth. Influenced by past masters and late 1800’s expressionism, yet mixed with Vermin’s highly recognisable piercing letter form and dirty graffiti aesthetic. Some are hectic, others more meditative. no doubt a reflection of the constant ebb and flow of a schizophrenic mind.

The show opens at 6.30pm on the 9 October 2010 and will run until the 22 October 2010.
The Emporium | Stokes Croft | Bristol

Boom & Bust Issue 01— London Tags

New online photozine from Deletism titled Boom & Bust and featuring a photographic collection of London tags.

Word To Mother — Blind By Stardom

An inside look of Word To Mother last day in studio during the making of his upcoming show 'Blind by Stardom' opening the 7th of October 2010 at StolenSpace Gallery in London.

filmed by Pani Paul & Viktor Vauthier.
a film by Viktor Vauthier.

The show opens this Thursday 07 October 2010 and will run until the 24 October.
StolenSpace | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London

Keista Medis Book

Keista Medis is a new book featuring a collection of work by the Lithuanian Strange Tree Animation Company, unearthed and curated by Daniel Sparkes and Russel Maurice. Limited to just 100 copies, 70 pages 27cm x 33cm Risograph 2/3/4 colour. Screenprint cover and printed on Munken Print White Colorplan cover.
Available from Ditto Press fro £25

Steve Powers — Love Letters to Syracuse

We are excited to hear that Steve Powers will be in London next week creating works here as part of the Moniker International Art Fair {covered} which opens on the 14th October.

MONIKER — International Art Fair

This October, the MONIKER International Art Fair introduces to London a welcome alternative to the familiar grind of the art fair season. Breaking from the traditional format, Moniker highlights the work of a generation of artists often overlooked in British mainstream fairs, though widely acclaimed by museums and established art institutions throughout the world. These artists, extensively collected transcend various genres, readily exploring high and low aspects of visual language. Moniker expertly brings together a select roster from some of the world’s leading artists and galleries, combining forces to showcase their progressive and challenging work in the modern art market. Moniker is designed to spotlight this movement within the ever-growing London art scene and its prominence within current international artistic trends in an innovative setting for art fans, collectors and critics alike.

The MONIKER International Art Fair begins 14 October and runs until the 17 October. More info, direction and the full program can be found on the MONIKER International Art Fair website.

VILLAGE UNDERGROUND | 54 Holywell Lane | London | EC2A 3PQ

Trespass: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art

A video introduction to Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art featuring interviews by Marc and Sara Schiller (Wooster Collective) Carlo McCormick, WK Interact, Anne Pasternak, Martha Cooper. In Stores Everywhere This October

10foot Vs Blu Video

Cool little clip put together using a shit loads of 10Foot photos.

Banksy — Exit Through the Gift Shop DVD

Rough Trade East have announced they will be showing a screening of the Banksy film, Exit Through the Gift Shop to celebrate the DVD/ Blu Ray release which goes on sale today 6 September 2010. The screening will take place on the 8 September at 7.30pm and the tickets are limited to just 120 people.

You can purchase tickets from Rough Trade in-store (East) or from thir website on-line for £3 each. Anyone buying the DVD on the evening of the showing will have the ticket price refunded.

The UK only release of the DVD and Blu Ray pictured above will include an exclusive DIY sticker set, movie outtakes and deleted scenes, a previously unreleased MBW documentary and a B movie (Banksy short) which apparently is again an exclusive!! Plus some 2D viewing glasses!

Os Gemeos — It's Snowing Animation

Looks like the Brazilian brothers Os Gemeos are working on some animations. Above is a small teaser clip.We look forward to seeing the finished piece.

Gabriel Dubois At StolenSpace Gallery

For his debut solo show at StolenSpace, Gabriel Dubois has been preparing a new body of work since arriving in the East of London last September. Realizing there was no shortage of materials to be found in his new environment, Gabriel has continued working on his surface of choice, salvaged wooden panels. Along with works on paper he will also be creating a street sourced installation as well as an edition of limited screen prints.

Gabriel will also be in attendance at the gallery on Saturday 18th September between 1 and 4pm to answer any questions and to chat about his work.The show opens Thursday 2nd September with a private view from 6.30pm.

StolenSpace Gallery | Truman Brewery | 91 Brick Lane | E1 6QL

Print Release — MJAR

New screen print release from street artist Mjar. This hand pulled screen print has been printed by the artist.

Four colour print
Signed, numbered limited edition of 32.
Printed on 300gsm Snowdon paper.

The print is available for £40 from the artists bigcartel shop here.

Banksy — Website Update

Website update from Banksy with a selection of new works from the last few months including his new piece in Hasting. Also added to the site were these two videos.
Pier Pressure in Brighton featuring a reconditioned dolphin ride with crude oil and a tuna net!
The second clip is from this years Royal visit to Glastonbury.

Mutate Britain at Glastonbury 2010

In this video Joe Rush, founding member of the legendary Mutoid Waste Company, introduces Mutate Britain to The Unfairground at Glastonbury 2010. Kings of Counter Culture, the Mutoids have been key creative influences at Glasto ever since their first visit in 1985.

L'Atlas at Seize Gallery

Our french is not the best, but this is still an interesting video featuring L'Atlas creating work for the exhibition he had last month at the Seize Gallery

Ronzo hits the streets

Vandal extraordinaire Ronzo hits the streets of East London with some new paste-ups.

Roid & Horfe Video

Great clip from Topsafe featuring a collaboration by Roid (UK) & Horfe (France). The clip was shot in Great Eastern Street,London in June 2010.

Eine Video — Poster For Don't Panic

Don't Panic TV have produced the above video in which they speak to street artist Eine about the contradictions of graffiti, escaping prison and his pal Banksy.

The clip also features a sneak peak at the poster Eine is designed for them. No release dates yet but Eine Don't Panic Posters will be available for free in The Packs in the next couple of weeks. We would recommend checking the Don't Panic website for updates on the release date.

Eine is also taking part in 'Wild Fantasies, A Decade of Don't Panic Posters'. He will be one of ten artists producing new, limited edition screen prints to celebrate ten years of the Don't Panic Poster. The exhibition will be at Stolen Space toward the end of September. More info when we have it.

Zosen Print Release

Street artist and memeber of the ONG graffiti crew Zosen has arrived from Barcelona and is busy in the StolenSpace print room working his 2 new screen prints 'Grave New World' & 'Vital Food' both pictured above.
Each of the two new prints will be a limited edition of 25, available on Thursday 12 August at the opening of his new solo show which opens that evening in the gallery. Both prints will be available online the following day. (Price TBC)

Zosen's 'System Collapse' show opens with a private view 12 August and will run at the gallery until the 29 August 2010.

StolenSpace | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London

VNA Magazine — Issue 12

Looks like the guys over at VNA Magazine have just had delivery from the printers of Issue twelve of their always excellent streetart magazine.

We are loving the cover image of this issue featuring man/ artist of the moment Roa! Invisiblemadevisible have a bunch of photos in this issue and we are really looking forward to getting our hands on a copy.

No news yet on the release date of the magazine but we imagine it will be very soon. More info on the release when we have it.

D*Face in Quito, Ecuador

Looks like East London based artist D*Face has been getting up in South America. The artist was recently invited to paint at the ‘9no Festival de Arte en la Calle’, held in the capital of Ecuador - Quito.

Our friends at Arrested Motion have the full report with lots more photos.

Word To Mother & Sickboy

We snapped this Word To Mother and Sickboy wall about two weeks ago and I was down that side of East London again on Saturday and see the wall has been taken out. I guess this was inevitable in such a prime spot next to the new East London Line.
In other Word To Mother news, we see he has been to the South of Italy in the last week or so for this years Fame Festival. You can check the work over on the festival blog.

LAVA Collective presents: Jo Peel & Stik

The LAVA Collective return to The Rag Factory off Brick Lane this Thursday as part of Time Out's First Thursdays program. They are using this event to showcase two new LAVA Collective artists : Jo Peel and Stik.

Jo Peel is a member of Scrawl Collective. She is based at Boot St Studios in Hoxton. This year has seen her  decorate The Park Bar at Glastonbury festival, and the roof of Cordy House amongst many other places. Her distinctive line drawings find beauty in scenes of urban decay and construction.

Stik is a prolific street artist who's playful, minimalist characters appear in countless poses and scenarios all over London. Each piece of his is highly site specific, painted with a sensitivity that makes them resonate with their surroundings. For this show, Stik is preparing a 3D installation of his characters in the far end of the Apricot Gallery.

The show opens Thursday 5 August, 6pm — 11pm

The Rag Factory | 16 Heneage Street | London E1 5LJ

Invisiblemadevisible blog is live!

Wooohooo we are live..well sort of, we finally have the blog up and running, although there are still a few tweeks to finish. Having neglected the Invisiblemadevisible site for far to long, I am now working on updating the whole site so bear with us. All the links in the navigation are linking to the old site at the moment once the site is fully finished we will let you know.

Hype Hype courtesy of Skewville.

Invisiblemadevisible Top 50 for 2009

As we draw to the end of 2009 we have picked some our favourites from all the photos we took and uploaded this year on our Invisiblemadevisible Flickr.

They are in no particular order, some are favorite pieces, others we like the photos and the rest were picked for various reasons; content, colour, placement, texture etc. Enjoy