Anthony Lister NEVER ODD OR EVEN - PART 1

Anthony Lister was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1979 and he received his BFA at Queensland College of Art in 2001. He was a pioneering force in the stencil and street art movement in Brisbane before moving to New York City in 2003 to apprentice under Max Gimblett.

He employs a sophisticated, fine art, painterly style in both his street art and his works exhibited inside galleries. High and low culture clash in his paintings, drawings, and installations where boorish superheroes, flirtatious ballerinas, bad-tempered old masters, and imperious vamps raucously coexist. With exhibitions worldwide, Lister's latest shows in Milan and Los Angeles have turned his focus back to the human form, and more specifically, the female figure as ballerina.

An interesting counterpoint to the recent Degas show in London, Lister presents a more rough-hewn, but surprisingly delicate take on the dancer's body. Today, he lives and works in Brisbane and is represented exclusively by the Robert Fontaine Gallery.

Film produced by BPTD Production

Never Knot Print by Craig Redman

The sixth in our ongoing series of specially commissioned screenprints, Never Knot features Darcel - star of the Darcel Disappoints blog and autobiographical character of graphic artist Craig Redman (one half of creative duo Craig & Karl).

Darcel Disappoints was created when Craig first moved to New York as a way of remembering his observations about the city. Six years and nearly 500 illustrated posts later, the blog has become a diary of everyday life, from exploring the art world to highlighting banal insights or complaining about apartment sizes. Craig's artwork for Art & Sole celebrates a certain resignation within the character he's created - that even the simple act of tying shoelaces gets complicated when Darcel is involved...

Printed using four separate (water-based) inks, each print is a limited edition of 50, is emboss stamped, and signed and numbered by the artist.

To purchase an edition of Never Knot by Craig Redman, please click here

The Art & Sole screenprint series is an ongoing project featuring specially commissioned artworks by leading artists and designers from around the globe. Previous artworks in the series have included Sole Inspector by James Jarvis, Totem by Kustaa Saksi, The City by Ben Drury, Beer, Waffles and Nuts (in collaboration with Nike) by Jiro Bevis and Elevation by Geneviève Gauckler

Lucky 13 a solo exhibition by Copyright

Following an appearance on Season 8 of ‘The Apprentice’, artist Copyright has spent the better part of 2013 fulfilling a backlog of commissions. This show at London Westbank Gallery marks his first new body of work since his 2011 solo at Pure Evil Gallery.

Through an exhibition of 40 pieces of “old-new” and “new-new’ work, Copyright will explore the idea of moving forward by looking back, “it’s like learning from your own history…”. The collection will also allow a rare glimpse behind the curtain, displaying framed stencils and surprise installations…

Copyright’s style is rooted in mythological histories, an era of storytelling where women were understood as creatures to be both loved and feared. With sirens leading sailors astray and Medusa turning men to stone, Copyright’s “bittersweet fairytales” instead focus vulnerability as opposed to power. The presence of urban subcultures are also present in the tattooed arms of his women, bringing the subject right back into the modern world. Using tattoos as symbolic iconography, Copyright offers a secondary and more subjective narrative for the viewer to explore. It also cleverly infuses a living cultural history with an ancient mythology.

Copyright’s highly stylised work has proven popular with both national and international collectors, celebrities and Premier League football players. Over the last decade Copyright has exhibited worldwide including sell out solo shows in London and Tokyo. In 2010, his ‘Precious Damage’ London show saw 50 works sell out in 3 hours! Other works include a painting commissioned for the cover of Reload Magazine to accompany a feature on his art as well as having published pieces in Harpers Bazaar, Teen Vogue and Modart.

Private View will be 6-10pm on Thursday 26th September 2013
Please Note: Private View is strictly by invitation only.
RSVP is ESSENTIAL Please send names to
Show open to public thereafter until Thursday 3rd October 2013

London West Bank Gallery - 133-137 Westbourne Grove -  London W11 2RS

3D and the ART OF MASSIVE ATTACK: : Book and Boxed Set

Pioneering graffiti artist 3D – also known for his pivotal role with international music stars Massive Attack – is releasing a premium monograph.3D and the Art of Massive Attack is available to pre-order now and on general release from October 28th 2013.

A special edition featuring a painted sleeve, signed screen print and unreleased vinyl record is limited to 350 copies. The painted and printed elements were assembled by our Execution Dock studio team, under 3D's guidance.

The long-awaited 400-page book, with a cover measuring twelve inches square, presents a unique retrospective of paintings and designs that have helped define Massive Attack over the past two decades. It comes hot on the heels of 3D's scorching solo exhibition Fire Sale at Lazarides Rathbone earlier this year.

Besides awe-inspiring art, the book also features never-before-seen pieces from the artist's personal archive, the found materials that form the basis of much of 3D's work, and an in-depth interview. The limited edition boxed set is priced at £350, the book alone at £50.


Last Thursday saw the opening of the breakout solo exhibition by John Dolan at Howard Griffin Gallery. The exhibition, entitled George the Dog, John the Artist featured new large scale original works by John Dolan and collaborative works by over 40 top international street artists and graffiti writers including ROA, Steve ESPO Powers, Sever, Gaia, David Walker, Stik, Maser, Thierry Noir, RUN, Ian Stevenson, Cityzen Kane, Ronzo, Martin Ron, Liqen, Dscreet, Pablo Delgado, MadC, CEPT, C215 and BRK.

For those who are not familiar with the work of John Dolan, he is one of East London’s most notorious artists, establishing himself during a three year residency sitting along Shoreditch High Street selling his drawings to passers by. During this time, Dolan sat every day with his dog George and documented the surrounding architecture, elevating the old, decrepit buildings that are so often ignored and under-appreciated. He gained a cult following and George the dog in particular has become a Shoreditch icon through Dolan's portrayals of his faithful companion. Dolan himself has experienced 20 years of homelessness in London and his current exhibition marks a remarkable journey from sitting along Shoreditch High Street to staging a successful show with some of the world's top street artists in three short years.

Howard Griffin Gallery, where Dolan's exhibition is being staged, is located along Shoreditch High Street, in view of the spot where Dolan used to sit and draw.

While Dolan's personal and artistic journey has been long, the geographical journey towards his first solo exhibition has been remarkably small. This serves to make the show even more special and illustrates how talent can be found in the strangest of places. The show also captures the very essence of Shoreditch. Dolan's raw portrayals capture the history of Shoreditch's past and reveal its underbelly of homelessness and poverty which stands in stark contrast to the oncoming wave of gentrification that the area is experiencing. The street art collaborations capture Shoreditch's present as a global centre of street art.

Show runs until the 26th September 2013
Howard Griffin Gallery - 189-190 Shoreditch High Street - E16HU

T.WAT SOLO SHOW “Straight Outta Compton”

Graffik Gallery's newest show opens on 19th September for a three week duration. Many of their primed collectors would argue that no street art collection is complete without a T.Wat on their wall.

Graffik Gallery’s bestselling resident street artist Tee Wat’s work is composed of equal undertones of controversy and humour. This is a completely new body of work that collectors, urban art enthusiasts and art journalists are all eagerly awaiting to see.

Within his broad repertoire are portrayals of gangsters, multi-nationals, evolution, politics, religion, the class system and general Mickey taking. This new body of work however is a closely guarded secret, very few images or sneak peeks will be available before the show is open. What perhaps is most understated is that he does not require a production team. All his ideas are original and he cuts his own stencils. T.Wat is a modern master craftsman, elusive and one who shuns the limelight and instead lets his work do the talking.

He specialises in stencils & more recently freehand and collage. His canvases are often found objects, street signs, car and plane panels to name but a few! Despite his modesty, T.Wat’s work has shone through with a piercing edge, which means his stencilling onslaught can be considered some of the most interesting and sociologically lively work on the streets of London today. He can guarantee to brighten up the ever grim days with a smile, striking at the very heart of our consumer society. Utilising the streets and gallery walls as his canvas, this new solo exhibition, will find appeal from the most seasoned street arts connoisseur to the street art novice. Street artists are the rock stars of the art world and Graffik Gallery is home to these artistic rock stars. What better stage for T.Wat’s new solo exhibition.

When: Thursday 19th September, 6.30pm

Where: Graffik Gallery. 284 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W10 5TE


A unique exhibition of works by artist John Dolan. You may not think you know John Dolan, but he is East London’s most notorious artist. For the past three years Dolan has sat every day with his dog George on Shoreditch High Street documenting the surrounding architecture, elevating the old, decrepit buildings that are so often ignored and under-appreciated.

John Dolan has lived in London his whole life and has been drawing on Shoreditch High Street for the past three years. In the past, he has been in and out of prison and often found himself homeless. These days, Dolan is greeted by the likes of Gilbert and George as they walk past.

Dolan’s raw portrayals of the street lead a viewer to reconsider something that to them is merely a backdrop to their day. At the same time, he highlights how too often people living on the street are invisible to those walking past them. Dolan’s work asks us to open our eyes and see this city for what it really is. Dolan’s emphasis on repetition allows a unique insight into the changing face of what is now a highly fashionable, gentrified area. He represents the old Shoreditch, the unseen side that lies just below the surface.

An interesting facet of Dolan’s work is the way in which he documents the street art and graffiti that came to make Shoreditch the cultural capital it is today. For this exhibition, he has worked with some of the world’s best street artists and graffiti writers.

ROA (BE), Steve ESPO Powers (US), Sever (US), Gaia (US), David Walker (UK), Stik (UK), Nomers (RU), Maser (IE), Thierry Noir (FR), RUN (IT), Zomby (UK), Christiaan Nagel (ZA), Ian Stevenson (UK), Martin Ron (AR), Liqen (ES), Ben Wilson (UK), Dscreet (AU), Pablo Delgado (MX), MadC (DE), CEPT (UK), C215 (FR), BRK (ES), Michael De Feo (US), Ronzo (DE), Malarky (UK), 2Kold (UK), DALeast (CN), SNOE (UK), Faith47 (ZA), Agostino Iacurci (IT), Broken Fingaz Crew (IL), Hitnes (IT), Cityzen Kane (UK), Flying Fortress (DE), INTI (CL), Pelucas (ES), Rowdy (UK), SWET (SW) and others.

A street artist in the traditional sense of the word, Dolan identifies with this new generation of street artists and them with him. These artists have collaborated with Dolan by working directly onto the walls of his drawn cityscapes, creating unique pieces. Ostensibly a solo show for Dolan, George the Dog, John the Artist will also in effect be the biggest street art group show of recent memory, bringing a unique group of artists together to document both the constant and the ephemeral in a city that is ever changing.

Date: PV 19th September 2013 19.30
Location: Howard Griffin Gallery - 189-190 Shoreditch High Street - London - E16HU

Meggs Paints FareShare

Australian Artist, David ‘Meggs’ Hooke has partnered with Good Hood and not-for-profit food rescue organisation, FareShare on a mural for Australia’s largest charity kitchen.

The mural, Meggs’ most significant solo undertaking to date, took over ten days to complete. The artwork splices Meggs’ technically layered aesthetic with his animated pop cultural bravura was a response to FareShare CEO, Marcus Godinho’s brief to “encapsulate – in a non literal representation – the energy, responsiveness and innovative nature of how the organisation operates.”

“Working with FareShare was a really positive experience for me,” said Meggs. “Knowing that not only was I creating one of the largest solo murals I have ever completed, but also helping to beautify and promote such a worthy organisation for such positive, generous people was an incredible feeling. As a street/mural artist we spend a lot of unpaid hours creating our work for the community, so it was awesome to partner with people doing the same thing, but in a different way."

Print Matters: A Fanzine and Self-Publishing Workshop

This is the first of a series of workshops held by Studio74 in the prestigious area of Notting Hill. This 3-day workshop aims to explore the relationship between the photographic process and the application of printed matter (independent publications, fanzines, and artist books). The combined use of lectures, discussions, and portfolio reviews define this workshop structure presented by New York-based Italian photographer, Alessandro Simonetti. The culmination of this intensive workshop will result in a student-published product using the tools revealed by Alessandro and his contemporaries.

The final assignment involves the valuable steps discussed throughout the workshop. Given a thematic direction, students will take photos throughout the duration of the 3-day intensive and a collective selection process will manifest the actual printed matter. The realisation of ideas into an actual artist book will provide evidence of the value of independent publications. The workshop’s final printed matter project will be promoted and presented on and offline in the form of published articles and surveys.

Alessandro Simonetti developed parallel to the birth of Italian street culture of the early nineties. He is part of the second generation of adolescent Italians who were the first to become sensitive to events such as hardcore-punk, hip hop and the realities related to squats.

Simonetti has exhibited, among others, in areas such as the Leica Gallery in NY, Tate Modern London, Jarach Gallery Venice, Milan Viafarini, Maxi Rome, OHWOW Miami and worked with various publications such as Rollingstone, GQ, Lodown, Out, Victory, Dazed. His publications are available at bookstores and concept stores such as PS1 MoMA bookstore, Bronx Museum, the Leica Gallery in NY, Opening Ceremony, Printed Matter, Motto, Palazzo dei Tre Oci, Colette, Dashwood and others.

The workshop is open to all however there will be a limited number of spaces so it will be on a first-come-first-served basis. The workshop will be held at:

Studio74 - 74 Salusbury Road - London - NW66NU

Start: Friday 25th October 2013 at 10am End: Sunday 27th October 2013 at 6pm

More in-depth information on this workshop and its schedule can be found here.

Oliver Jeffers: Nothing To See Here Exhibition

Lazarides Rathbone welcomes Brooklyn based artist Oliver Jeffers for his first London exhibition, Nothing To See Here.

Later this week Jeffers will present a new series of works, which both question and observe modern life and its many conundrums. Referencing familiar 18th and 19th century European landscape and still-life painting, the artist investigates, via themes of censorship and ignorance, the notion that knowledge is power. This is primarily fueled by the dilemma of trying to understand what is not yet understood versus the potential comfort offered by being willfully oblivious.

Through this exhibition of thought provoking painting Jeffers aims to ask "Are we blindly ignorant or are our eyes wide open in the dark?". Come and explore the inquisitive world of Oliver Jeffers.

Exhibition opens Friday 13th of September 2013 and runs until Thursday 3rd of October 2013.
Lazarides Rathbone - 11 Rathbone Place - London - W1T 1HR

Jean Jullien - La Plage At Beach London

Jean Jullien is an artist and illustrator living and working in London. A Royal College of Art MA graduate, Jullien has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting artists working in London today.

La Plage builds upon Jullien’s recent London exhibitions Allo? at Kemistry Gallery and at Pick Me Up, Somerset House, in presenting sharp-witted visual puns that explore human interaction and social behaviours - in this case, at the Beach.

The work in La Plage will draw inevitable comparison to the infamous British seaside postcards from the early twentieth century by the likes of Donald McGill; eschewing the overt suggestiveness, and replacing it with a more subtle, intelligent humour - made possible by Jullien’s outstanding understanding of composition.

La Plage will present a series of limited-edition prints, which will be available bespoke-framed at Beach London. There will also be a very limited release of a product, designed by Jean and produced by Beach, that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on the opening night.

Beach London, 20 Cheshire Street, London, E2 6EH.
Opens September 12th 2013, 6-9PM


NOTIONS OF THE STREET, a one week Show at Cultivate Vyner Street, featuring the work of ALO and selected invited special guests such as 616, PIKY, and....

Opening night Thursday September 12th, 6pm until 9pm and then from Friday 13th until Tuesday 17th, usual gallery open hours..Expect a number of pieces of work, five or six, from distinctive London-based street artist ALO,

Plus street flavoured pieces and notions from guests such as


Cultivate, Vyner Street - Vyner Street - London - E2 9HE

SAKI & Bitches Solo Show "The Orchid and The White Foxes"

A playground for the rich, Yoshiwara was once Tokyo's most infamous red light district - thanks to its ‘Yujos'. Wrapped in skin as soft as silk, these pretty paramours played the role of ‘shy and timid' but unlike their contemporary, the Geisha, they did more than just entertain. Their lives were as short as they were tragic yet over 300 years later their beauty still reigns true.

In a celebration of heritage and the power of a woman's sexuality, ‘The Orchid and The White Foxes,' is an intimate exhibition by Japanese-born, London-based artist, Saki&B. Though keeping with her trademark theme of hourglass harlots and enigmatic erotica, the artist strays from the eponymous bold black lines and solid vivid colours belonging to her hyper-sexualised characters that flit between the walls of London's streets, and that once hung from the walls of her debut show, ‘Tokyo lady Chatterley.' Now with just a pencil in hand, shades of black and white champion an approach that is softer and subtler in tone.

Luckily, her imagery is not! Her ‘bitches' are just as raw and unapologetic as we have come to love, thanks to the audacious nudes - pretty and open for all to see. They have nothing to hide and everything to show yet they are hardly transparent. This was the Edo period, a time when prostitution was plentiful and Japanese courtesans knew tragedy only too well; like picking a plum that's still green, being prematurely plucked from the tree of life - most as young as 21 - made for a wasted youth.
Though transient, these bold, beautiful ladies left a memorable mark on history, with much being said about the esteemed ‘Oirans'. As the most venerable of the concubines, they offered a high intellect and boasted an array of skills, yet it was ultimately their unwavering confidence that afforded them the most coveted of talents - the ability to play and outwit a man; if a ‘suitor' took a room with an Oiran he was under her command.

As sensual as the orchid flower and as fleeting as the cherry blossom, the milky white visage of these young women often displayed the painterly features of a white fox, a spirit animal that many Japanese believe to be a messenger of God. These were the divine protectors that stood guard on one of the four corners of the grandiose walls that contained the silent chaos of the Japanese courtesan of the Yoshiwara Red light district.  'Text - Jasmine Phull"

Date: 12-22 September 2013

Opening Party: 6pm Thursday 12th September
Silwex House - Quaker Street - London - E1 6SN

JaguarShoes Collective present Made You Look Exhibition by Mark Ward

Prepare to be transported into a ticker tape parade with candy floss cocktails and confetti cannon's

Viewing the world through his own kaleidoscopic lens, Mark Ward presents this brand new body of work which proposes mascots, distorted pop infused creatures and cheering parades of psychedelic coloured icons.

Presented across a variety of media including paintings, drawing, inflatable sculpture and lights. This celebration of hazy memories and youthful optimism is installed across the ground floor exhibition space of DreamBagsJaguarShoes, creating a pop cultural hyperbole in plastic Technicolor that intends to work simultaneously in a paradoxical harmony and contrast with humdrum of the city streets.

A child of the late 1980s, Mark was heavily influenced by the day-glo representations of exotic Americana that his TV beamed into his home in the South London suburbs. The images he saw contrasted the reality of his drab UK surroundings, and set his imagination loose. In this pre-internet era, Mark was receiving snippets of game shows, skate videos, NFL coverage & commercials. These elements created a wasteland of visual reference that, with the optimistic outlook of his childhood, Mark pieced together to create his own distorted Californian ideal.

The path of adulthood has brought with it a mundane everyday reality. Where Mark is a stranger in his own clouded neon world -the sun-scorched Nirvana he aspired towards has dissolved away. However, his fascination with Americana has not left his conscious.

Private View: 12th September 2013.
JaguarShoes Collective - 32-34 Kingsland Road - Shoreditch - London - E2

It's A Stick-Up Special Edition Street Art Books

Signal and Ollystudios are hosting an event this Thursday releasing the Special Editions of Olly Walker's amazing It's a Stick-Upbook published by Lawrence King. The artists involved have produced individually customised covers for the book - original artworks in themselves. These books will only be available on the night at the event on a first come first serve basis. The event kicks off at 6pm.

Released in (Sept) 2013, It’s A Stick Up Special Editions includes bespoke artwork covers by a host of top artists including A.CE, Br1, Cake,Dale Grimshaw, Pure Evil, Feral Child, EMA, Gabriel Specter, Hin, Paul Insect, Kid Acne, Dain, Ludo, Monssieur Qui, Pablo Delgado, SHN, and WK Interact.

Augmenting the standard issue version released of It's a Stick-Upby Laurence King, these sumptuous, visually arresting one off publications have been devised and curated entirely by OllyStudio.

The first of two sale nights will take place at Signal Gallery on the 12th September, 6 — 9pm. Featuring editions from Paul Insect, A.CE, Dale Grimshaw, Hin, Pablo Delgado with prices ranging £110 - £280. Several of the artists will be in attendance.  

Signal Gallery - 32 Paul Street - London - EC2A 4LB

Mr Phomer presents: MASS APPEAL Exhibition

You may know Mr Phomer from his acclaimed works such as “Like a Moss” and "I shit on Gaga" in which he disfigures famous pop culture icons on adverts as a way to bring the street culture back to the streets and make a point about consumerism.

Now Mr Phomer is back with a whole batch of fresh new work. Not losing the irony or the social criticism, he's applied his unique, humorous style to photography and illustration mash ups. Keeping it real with a heavy 90's hip hop influence and an East London attitude, he brings his street wisdom to a worldwide audience.

Exhibition Launch, Thursday 3rd October

6pm - 2am > free entry
Run until- 16th November 2013

The Book Club - Leonard Street  - London - EC2A 4RH

Stüssy Artist Series - Kevin Lyons

Stussy’s latest Guest Artist Series is New York based designer and illustrator Kevin Lyons who breaks down the origin of his infamous Monster characters, early influences and his connection to hip hop in this short film.

Filmed on location in Japan, during the Kevin's exhibition at Stüssy Harajuku in August 2013.
The Stussy x Kevin Lyons Artist Series is available now at Stussy Chapter Stores and

Eine 'Tenderloin' A-Z One Night Show

You are invited to an exhibition by Ben EINE, one of the most iconic street artists in the world today!

Nelly Duff & EINE currently hold the World Record for the most expansive use of colours over one editioned artwork. The gallery is now releasing the EINE 'Tenderloin' A-Z, a 52 colour screen-printed edition and this one night exhibition will showcase the complex processes that went into making the artwork.

This exhibition will also launch The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffitiby Dr. Rafael Schacter, co-curator of the Tate's renowned 'Street Art' exhibition. EINE is featured in this new reference book and will customise 10x ATLAS covers with the letter 'A', available randomly with the purchase of the book on the night!

The show location will be released on Nelly Duff’s social media 1 day before the opening.

RSVP essential: Please send your name and email to to ensure you are added to the guest list. 

The location to this event has now been released. It will be taking place Wednesday 18th September at 10 Gorsuch Street, London, E2 8HA. Be sure to RSVP and see you there.

BOMB THE BOX WEEK 5/6 At Boxpark

Launching week 5 of BOXPARK'S Bomb The Box, the UK's Zombie and Dyet took over the box outside Shoreditch High Street Station. With depth and colour, their approach to graffiti brought the box to life and a crowd that stood in awe and intrigue at the life art exhibition.

As a typically stealth and mysterious way of creative expression, the masked and hooded artists showed off their craft and let the art do the talking.

This weekend will be the final week out of 6 incredible live art events and will feature Dems and Pant One from Spain.

Boxpark - 2-4 Bethnal Green Rd - London  - E1 6GY

Collagism's FREE PUSSY RIOT! Show

Collagism and friends present an exhibition of collaged screen prints in support of Freedom for Pussy Riot.

It’s a year since the shockingly unjust trial and imprisonment of Russian Feminist punk rock protest group Pussy Riot. A series of works have been created for exhibition in protest of this atrocity and support for the group. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to the band in aid of their continued appeal for justice.

Over the past year Collagism has been campaigning on the streets of London, with a series of artworks featuring hacked British Vogue Magazine covers, writhing with Eggs and Legs and collaged faces. The campaign aims to raise awareness and support for the freedom of speech, equality for women and basic human rights for all.

The Vestibule - 81 Redchurch St - London - E2 7DJ
5th – 28th September 2013
Private View Thursday 5th September 6pm – 9pm

Eduardo Kobra New LA Mural

Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has just completed his latest mural in Los Angeles, CA.

The vibrant mural is located on La Brea Avenue, at the same area where he had painted the Mount Rushmore piece  in 2012.

Kobra traveled to the USA at the invitation of Mr. Brainwash, the polemic french street artist who was the protagonist of Banksy's documentary “Exit through the gift shop”. The artwork, which is 82 ft height and 26 ft width, showing a contemplative portrait of Albert Einstein through the colorful visual language of Kobra, which comprises a mixture of colors and geometric forms along with an awesome realistic trace giving rise to a powerful piece full of expression and creativeness.

Thanks to Kobra and his team for sharing the photos with us.

The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti Book

Since its genesis on the East Coast of the United States in the late 1960s, street art has travelled to nearly every corner of the globe, morphing into highly ornate and vibrant new styles.

From Steve Powers (Espo) in New York to Kid Zoom in Australia, taking in Banksy’s London, Paris as transfigured by Honet and OX, and the gargantuan murals of the Brazilian twins ‘Os Gêmeos’, The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti is the first truly geographical history of the form.

Featuring specially commissioned works from major graffiti and street art practitioners, The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti offers the reader an insider’s view of the urban landscape as the artists themselves experience it.

This beautifully illustrated book, produced with the help of many of the artists it features, dispels the idea of such art as a thoughtless defacement of pristine surfaces, and instead celebrates it as a contemporary and highly creative inscription upon the skin of the built environment.

Organized geographically, by continent and by city – from New York, Los Angeles and Montreal in North America, through Mexico City and Buenos Aires in Latin America, to London, Berlin and Madrid in Europe, as well as Sydney and Tokyo in the Pacific – it profiles more than 100 of today’s most important artists and features over 700 astonishing artworks.

This new publication has just gone on sale and is available online from Amazon here

"Ukraine" An Exhibition by Alex FaKso

Photographer Alex Fakso has been invited to bring his latest pieces of work from the ‘Ukraine’ series to BOXPARK for a whole month.

They will be holding an exclusive launch for the exhibition on Thursdsay 5th September 6-9pm on their upper deck with drinks from Havana Club Rum, live DJs and a chance to chat with Alex Fakso himself.

FaKso travels numerous times throughout the year and each trip he embarks upon starts with absolutely no expectations, allowing him to have a fresh and new perspective in his photography every time. One thing that all of these trips do have in common though is the high risk factor (violence, muggings and encounters with the police are commonplace). Known as being a photographer of the underground street culture, FaKso's photographs have the urban/street feel which ties them all together, whether it be sound systems at the Notting Hill carnival, underground (literally) graffiti culture or even simply the portrait of a man. Because of this, his work is very obviously never premeditated or posed giving it a very real and raw feel.

This collection of photographs was taken during an improvised trip to Ukraine. The only contact he had in the Country was a man he had never met and had barely spoken to online. This guys idea was for Alex to come and photograph him and his friend whilst being taken around the urban landscape of Odessa. Without any knowledge of the country or its language, FaKso felt completely free to photograph anything that crossed his path.These photos were the direct result of the shock that Alex felt to the very apparent soviet influence on the city and its people.

Opening Thursday 5th September 6pm - 9pm
Boxpark — Shoreditch - London