Nick Walker Stencil work in Paris

Nick Walker - ParisStencil artist Nick Walker was recently in Paris hitting the streets with some work. London based photographer Butterfly was there to capture the art at work in the streets in this short video below.

Image via Butterfly

45RPM's Live Animated Graffiti

On June the 15th 2011 Bristol based graffiti artist and What Crew member 45.R.P.M. created an indoor animated graffiti wall with the help of fellow crew member Richt. The event was streamed live on Facebook, users accessed his mind through the Human API, shared his thoughts and influenced the creation of the wall.

Log in now to the Human API at Share a creative mind's thoughts, chat, ask questions and help him make the creative calls as he works live online.

Mysterious Al — Kong Print Release

London artist and illustrator Mysterious Al has just released his latest edition 'Kong' pictured above. Available in a number of editions with some printed onto wood the standard edition is 5 Colour, Hand Pulled Screen Print in an edition Of 20, 65 x 65 cms and signed, numbered and blind-stamped with Stolenspace and Mysterious Al official seals. The editions are available online from the StolenSpace website starting at £100.

Boxi: Time Of The Signs Exhibition

BoxiLazarides Gallery is proud to bring to the walls of their Rathbone gallery the UKs first exhibition of hyperrealist painter, Boxi.

A master of stencil culture, Boxi creates boldly intuitive life size works that he exhibits on the streets and the white walls of galleries using meticulous cutting techniques and an extensive pallet of muted colours. Turning away from the traditional anarchist use of stencils with simple designs and spray paint, Boxi challenges the norm through boldly heightened realistic figures within their own urban landscapes. With fear and the manipulation of fear as the underlying theme, his art channels a deeply disturbing voyeuristic experience for the viewer playing with the spatiality of the environment and the oscillating perception of the image.

Boxi's use of the greyscale within his paintings, sculptures and meticulously detailed stenciled works consciously filter the gloss and spin of the present to a muted bass sense of now. Amidst all the doom and gloom there is a concealed light. The works are camouflaged in a romanticism that wouldn't exist were it not for failed dreams and flawed excuses.

Exhibition will run from the 29th July through the 1st September, 2011.
Lazarides Rathbone - 11 Rathbone Place - London - W1T 1HR

Art in The Streets : Los Angeles

Art in the Streets MOCA 2011

via Arrested Motion.

Roadsworth — New Book

In October 2001, paint was spilled on the streets of Montreal. A stark, primitive bike symbol, looking suspiciously like the one the city used to designate a bike path; a giant zipper, pulled open down the centre line of the street on a busy commuter route; the footprint of a giant, stomping through the city while people slept.

Inspired by a desire for adventure and galvanized by a loathing of car culture, Roadsworth got down with an idea that had been incubating. The time had come for him to articulate his artistic vision, to challenge the notion of "public" space and whose right it is to use it.

By 2004, Roadsworth had pulled off close to 300 pieces of urban art on the streets of Montreal. In the fall, he was charged with 51 counts of public mischief. It seemed to signal the end of his career. Instead the citizens of Montreal and lovers of his work from around the world rallied their support. A year later he was let off with a slap on the wrist.

In this playful and sometimes subversive book, featuring more than 400 reproductions of his unmistakable work, Roadsworth takes the urban landscape and turns its constituent elements on their heads, both indicting our culture's excesses and celebrating what makes us human (lest we forget).

Roadsworth — Paperback is Published by Goose Lane Editions and is due for release in September 2011 with text by Roadsworth and Bethany Gibson and a foreword by Scott Burnham.You can pre-order the Roadsworth book on Amazon.

The Beer Mat Show

The Bun House Bandits and Moniker Projects present "The Beer Mat Show" a new group show featuring the work of Bob and Roberta Smith, Gavin Turk, Sarah Baker and Ben Eine. The exhibition has been curated by Cedar Lewisohn and you can find more info on the Facebook event page here.

Private View: JULY 29TH, 2011. 6PM-10PM
29TH July to 28TH August. Regular Pub hours.

The Bun House - 96 Peckham High Street - London - SE15 5ED

Vigilante Vigilante Trailer

A feature documentary about anti-graffiti vigilantes and the cultural significance of graffiti and street art.

A new breed of crime-fighter now stalks the urban landscape: the anti-graffiti vigilante. These dedicated blight warriors stop at nothing to rid their neighborhoods and cities of street art,stickers, tags, and posters.Yet several of these vigilantes have become the very menace they set out to eliminate. In their relentless attempt to stamp out graffiti, they have turned to illegally and destructively painting other people’s property.

VIGILANTE VIGILANTE is the story of two filmmakers who set out to expose these mysterious characters and discover a battle of expression that stretches from the streets to academia.

Dir: Max Good. Featuring: Nathan Wollman, Berkeley’s “Silver Buff”, Joe Connolly (LA’s “Graffiti Guerilla”) and Fred Radtke (New Orlean’s “Gray Ghost”, who famously tangled with Banksy).

Fake — Destroy Print

A new print from Fake is set to be released on the 2nd of August (15:00 Amsterdam time) entitled 'Destroy'. Pictured above is the first 15 prints each will be an edition of 25 and will be on sale for 120 EURO directly from FAKE's website.

Herakut - OneThirty3

'Herakut - Show Them' installation at onethirty3 Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

onethirty3 – Artists Installation Space will host six innovative and exciting installations a year. The invited artists will create site-specific art installations which will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience large scale examples of the best in underground art from around the world. See some of the previous installations with Sickboy / Paul Insect and Titifreak here.


VNA  present another beautiful video by the guys at itdrewitself. In a coincidence so good they couldn’t have planned it, three of Australia’s finest; Meggs, Anthony Lister and Kid Zoom were all in town during the same week. VNA got them together to paint in a derelict warehouse in South London and chat about their work.

Protein Present Animate Everything

Animate Everything opens this Thursday 19th July in London and is the world's first celebration of GIF art and digital creativity. Curated by Protein and Daniel David Freeman, the show also sees the launch of INSA's latest art piece spanning the entire side wall of 18 Hewett Street. Original gif-fiti artist and longtime friend of Protein, INSA has been up on a 3 storey ladder working his magic on Protein HQ, and on Thursday you'll be able to see his finished work in person.

The gallery will also be presenting animations from over 20 artists that reflect both the past and future of digital creativity, taking the digital offline to be experienced in a real-time environment.

Artists included are INSA, Parra, Mimi Leung, Jiro Bevis , Jim Stoten, Nous Vous Collective, Will Robson Scott, Trone Le Bone, DDF...

The show is open from 21.07.11-15.08.11 and the private view starts at 7pm. Here's the link to the Facebook page.

Animate Everything / 21.07.11-15.08.11

18 Hewett Street - London - EC2A 3NN

Buff Monster in Hollywood

LA-based artist Buff Monster has returned to the streets in LA to reclaim an old spot he hit up on Hollywood Blvd five years previous.Check out this clip that Carlos Gonzalez has put together of the artist at work.

Image ©Carlos Gonzalez

Concrete Jungle — cube Video

Some nice work in this timelapse video which was obviously filmed around Christmas time but the clip has just been posted online.

Kidult's 'Vandalized Supreme Store Front’ T-Shirt

We assume that most of our readers will at some point have seen one or other of the French Graffiti artist Kidult videos that have been doing the rounds on all the blogs and hype websites which have seen the artist hitting up a number of venues using fire extinguishers to create his huge tags. Well looks like now you can buy your very own tagged up Kidult t-shirt. The artist has started selling the t-shirts pictured below directly from his site here and features an image of the vandalized Supreme Flaghship store in New York City which was hit up back in May. We can't see these hanging around for long so get in while you can.

And just in case you haven't seen any of the clips yet here is one from a few months back.

Street Art — Seen on the streets 06

MalarkySome East London streetart we have seen in the last few days including this new piece on Hanbury street from Malarky.

DONKPasteup from DONK

C215French stencil artist C215

Dark CloudNew York artist Dark Cloud has been stickering up East London with hundreds of these cloud stickers.

mjarmjar stickers.

AloStreet instalations from ALO

D*FaceD*Face lighting bolt stickers.

Oranjeboom x Studio55 competition

Calling all you talented people out there, 55DSL have teamed up with Oranjeboom to offer you the chance to submit designs/artwork for the 55DSL instore fridge. You could be customising this in-store ice-cold installation with your design! The fridge will be on permanent display at their flagship 55DSL
store and Studio55 gallery space in Newburgh Street, Soho, London.

The deadline for entries is August 30th so if you are interested get cracking on those designs but first we suggest checking all the details and where to send your designs on the 55DSL website. Good luck!!

Herakut Installation at onethirty3

Onethirty3 – Artists Installation Space will host six innovative and exciting installations a year. The invited artists will create site-specific art installations which will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience large scale examples of the best in underground art from around the world.

Tonight marks the opening of the third event in the space having previously hosted shows featuring Titifreak and Sickboy. German duo Herakut have been working within the installation space all week creating some wall based work. Herakut will also be releasing two new editions this evening at the event and then made available online the next day.

14th July 2011, 6.30-9.30pm Open for one night only
OneThirty3 - Unit 22 - Hoults Yard - Newcastle upon Tyne - NE6 2HL

More info on the opening tonight and previous projects over on the onethirty3 website.

Images via Onethirty3

Da Mental Vaporz show video

Da Mental Vaporz

The end of May saw the opening of 'The DMV's' which reunited all nine members of the DMV Graffiti Crew for the first time in ten years  for an exclusive exhibition. Dran, Bom-K, Brusk, Sowat, Gris, Jaw, Blo, Kan and Iso were brought together at the GHP Gallery in Toulouse for this unique event. Over 2.000 people turned out for the opening party of the exhibition, which runs at the space until the 30th July 2011. Check out this great clip of the artists creating the work in the run up to the opening night as well as footage of what looked like a crazy opening night party.

London based photographer Butterfly was also at the show in Toulouse and she has posted her collection of photos from the show in this flickr set.

Da Mental Vaporz Show
Espace GHP
11 Descente de la Halle aux Poissons
31000 Toulouse, France

Image ©Butterfly

Aiko — Save Our Soul Print

NY based street artist Aiko has partnered with the Andenken Gallery to release an exclusive new edition 'Save Our Soul'. The print is available in three different colouraways. Pictured is the three colour orange edition of 40, pencil signed and numbered. 40 cm x 50 cm (16" x 20" approx). On 225 gram bright white un-coated drawing paper and priced at EURO150 from here.

This print was made in conjunction with AIKO's solo exhibition, 'Unstoppable Waves' currently running at the Andenken Gallery Amsterdam.

Sub ink Video — 'Dilk'

The guys over at Subism have just sent us this second video from their SubInk series. We shared the first video click back in May featuring one of their longest standing artists from the collective, Phill Blake or Philth.

The second video featured shows Steven Dilks, better known for his graffiti name ‘Dilk’ has been immersed within the world of graffiti and spray paint for the last 25 years. Owner of the first and only ‘Montana’ spray paint shop in the UK, which based in Nottigham, Dilk’s an ambassador of Graffiti/street art and has spent much of his career painting the walls of Nottingham, Madrid, Berlin, Rio, Hong Kong, New York a beyond.

Video production:
Studio JK:AK

Mujuworld Summer Tshirt Collection

It's been some time since we checked in with our friends over at Muju world. Based in St Ives in Cornwall, Mr and Mrs Muju have recently released their summer collection of tshirts over on their online store. The collection of tshirts are all hand screenprinted in the Muju Studio Cornwall, from original drawings by Mr Muju. Using Fair Trade Organic Cotton Tee's and Eco friendly water based ink the Tee's are very affordable at just £20 each. Check out the collection here.

Overunder and Irgh Timelapse

wall 2Interesting  time lapse film shot by Dan Gingold in Staten Island featuring  NY based artist overunder and irgh. Check it out below.

Word To Mother — Can't Draw Prints

Released last night at the opening of Stolen Space's Summer Show is this new edition from London based artist Word To Mother. The 'Can't Draw' edition is available in two colour-ways,the grey pictured above and a purple edition.
The edition pictured is a 7 Colour Hand Pulled Screen Print & Hand Painted Multiple
Edition Of 25 On Somerset Satin 410 gsm, 65 cm x 65cm, Signed & Numbered.

Both editions are available now directly from StolenSpace Gallery or online from their website here and here.


"On Wednesday I saw D*Face's pool paint attack tool.
On Thursday morning I built my own from scraps of foam-core board, gaffer tape, and string, to show that skateboarding is still punk, and punk is about doing things for yourself, creating something from nothing. You don't need money, famous friends, and months of research and development to create something - you just need to think and to play. So switch off your computer, switch on your brain, and go create something fantastic yourself - you'll be amazed at what you can achieve!!!"
— Dave The Chimp

45.R.P.M. - Human API - Teaser

Access the mind of graffiti artist 45.R.P.M.. Share his thoughts, chat, ask questions and help 45.R.P.M. make the creative calls as he works live online. Be there as the power of the Human API is unleashed. Leave an Impression.

Log into the Human API live online at 14.07 15:00 GMT at

New editions from Escif and San

San & Escif's "See You in Croatan" exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery opened last week, check out the opening pictures here. In conjunction with the exhibition, Upper Playground are releasing four prints by the Spanish artists. The prints by San, entitled "I Am a Host of Trophies and Scars" and "I Am Where I Come From", feature his extremely detailed line-work in earth tones and Escif's prints, "Macarena"(pictured above) and "Morphine", exhibit his minimal characters.

The prints have been made exclusively for Upper Playground and all four prints measure 18" x 24" and are silk-screened onto card stock weight papers. Each print is limited to an edition of 50 and is signed and numbered by the artist. All four editions are available from the Upper Playground website here.

Image courtesy of Upper Playground

Charming Baker — Everything Must Go

Charming Baker has a new show opening in London on July 8th. It's located in an old banana warehouse in Covent Garden. Along with the new paintings there will be a collection of bronze busts and Jealous Gallery will be setting up camp on site to sell eight new limited edition Charming Baker prints.

Jealous will also be doing live printing sessions through out the weekend in the space. The show runs from 8- 31st July from 11am-7pm daily.

16 Mercer Street — London — WC2 0HQ
Nearest tube station is Covent Garden.

StolenSpace — Summer Group Show

The annual StolenSpace Summer show is back this week and launches this evening the 7th July 2011 with a private view. This years exhibition will be featuring works from the galleries represented artists as well as a few new names to the roster, this show will showcase all brand new works in varied media and size. As well as a brand new print release from D*Face & Word To Mother. Pictured above is the D*Face "Kiss Of Death" edition.

The show will feature works from Arth Daniels, Chloe Early, D*Face, Eelus, EINE, Meryl Donoghue, Mysterious Al, Ronzo, Ripo, Shepard Fairey, Sylvia Ji and Word To Mother to name of few.

Private View 7th July 2011
Exhibition runs from 8th July — 31st July 2011
StolenSpace Gallery — Dray Walk — 91 Brick Lane — London E1 6QL

D*Face Ridiculous Pool Paint Attack

Experimental and slightly mental. The D*Face spray paint skateboard interface. What better way to paint the pool then letting everyone get involved? With high-tech remotely controlled spray can apparatus mounted to the underside of skateboards...every line a skater took became the paint job of the pool.

C215 and Romany WG — Border Line

French stencil artist C215 asked London's Signal Gallery to invite the renowned photographer of Street Art and Urban spaces RomanyWG to join him in his next London show. This seemed a very good fit, as there has been a very fruitful five-year creative collaboration between the pair. RomanyWG has documented C215s works on the street in a variety of locations across the world and these images have been instrumental in spreading the ‘C215’ word. Therefore, it is only fitting that the work of both artists should be seen side by side in a gallery setting for the first time.

Both C215 and RomanyWG will be signing copies of their new books ‘Community Service’ and ‘Out Of Sight’ at the Private View.

Private View 7th July 2011 6-9pm

Signal Gallery — 32 Paul Street — London — EC2A 4LB

Burning Candy —“A FIST FULL OF PAINT”

Tony’s is pleased to present “A FIST FULL OF PAINT", an exhibition by East London’s notorious Burning Candy (B.C.) crew.

The exhibition will centre on presenting the aftermath of a western style “showdown” using paint-filled fire extinguishers. Two B.C. members were let loose in a wild, head to head, battle using high pressured paint, and leaving behind the gestural process of their actions, as well as a filmed documentary, reflecting the bigger picture of the competitive, fun and extreme nature of the graffiti world. Tony’s will stage this performative and yet subversive encounter, turning what may at once be perceived as an act of vandalism into a playful comment on the art world and its systems of presentation.

The show will feature new works including paintings, drawings and limited-edition prints as well as an on-going screening of exclusive un-released footage from the B.C produced DOTS film. For this occasion, twenty limited edition box-sets including the four segments of the film to date, nine prints by the BC crew and a limited edition t-shirt by Mighty Mo will be made available!

Private View: Thursday 7 July 6-9pm
Friday 8 July – Sunday 21 August

TONY'S - 68 Sclater Street — London — E1 6HR

Wall Project — Rich Mix & Havana Club Call For Entries

We told you about the Havana Club Wall Project back in March of this year which saw Remi/Rough launch the competition with a large scale wall painted at Rich Mix in East London. The winner of the second phase of the project was Alex Bloch, an abstract illustrator who created an amazing 3D wall.

Entries are now open again and one winner will paint their design on the huge 16.7x2.8m interior wall of the events space in Rich Mix. It will remain for 3 months giving artists the opportunity to showcase their work on a large scale in this popular East London venue. Prize also includes all materials required to complete the installation (to a maximum value of £500)

The closing date for entries is August 5th.

Further details and the artist brief can be found on the Rich Mix website here.

Copyright 'Alas' Print

"Alas" is the newest edition released by UK stencil artist Copyright, in an edition of 50, Screenprint with Silver and Gold Leaf plus additional secret Spot Varnish Details. It measures 80x80cm and arrives signed and numbered by the artist. The print is available online from Zero Cool Gallery here for £285.

Moniker Projects — Gossip Well Told Group Exhibition

GOSSIP WELL TOLD will exhibit new and original artworks and installations by internationally recognised artists from a movement spawned through word of mouth, a movement that brought colour to the streets of the world’s most exciting cities and that spread like wildfire via the internet. This is a scene fueled by the artists and lovers of the art itself. It has received little support from the conventional British art establishments and is only now beginning to receive the wider attention and credit it deserves in the UK.

An Innovating, DIY mentality and not waiting to be invited is the philosophy that has built the scene and made it what it is today. GOSSIP WELL TOLD will bring to London the most progressive, talked-about work on the art wires right now and will offer a taste of what can be expected at this year’s 2011 edition of Moniker.

Featuring works from Alex Fakso, Ben Eine, Bob and Roberta Smith, Case, Candice Tripp, Cheryl Dunn, Dabs and Myla, Herakut, Joshua Petker, Luke Chueh, Nate Frizzell, Patrick Haines and Swoon.

Private View: Thursday 21 July. 18.00 to 22.00.
Exhibition on show: 22 – 26 July. 11.00 to 18.00 daily.

Blackall Studios — 73 Leonard Street — London — EC2A 4QS

David Shillinglaw "All You'll Ever Need' Video

Cement Gallery brings us this clip below featuring David Shillinglaw. Fresh from a month long residency in Cape Town - David is back and full of creative beans - which can only fuel his new works. Having been busy in China, Istanbul, Japan, & Holland in recent years - his appeal is broadening and his following gaining momentum.

This new major show will include both new and more familiar works on canvas, paper and pretty much any object that takes his fancy. The clip is a short preview of some work in progress at his North London studio - with a general commentary from the man himself.

The show is set to open next month at the East Gallery on Brick Lane, 25th August until the 4th September 2011, so mark your calenders.

East Gallery — 214 Brick Lane — London — E1 6SA

Marc & Sara Schiller— "Gaming The Streets: Uncommissioned Art"

Together, Marc and Sara Schiller are Wooster Collective: a contemporary art and street art collective. Their mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences via salons, publishing, gallery shows, and of course, their website, Wooster Collective and their Wooster Collective YouTube channel.

At TEDxBloomington, the Schillers described how, after 9/11, they spent more time walking their NYC neighborhood. Seeing unexpected artwork including a series of shrines caused them to become ever more intrigued by ephemeral art. Their slides showed the audience a new view of public, uncommissioned art that enriches the public arena, and wrests some attention away from ubiquitous commercial advertising messages.