Back 2 the Walls Exhibition at the Doomed Gallery

Notorious east London graffiti artist and photographer Delete is organizing a exhibition in Dalton's Doomed Gallery.

Following their highly popular show at the ICA in 2011 (including the most successful opening night in the history of the gallery!) members of the London Walls crew are back with new graffiti and street art photography from the snappers known as Delete, NoLionsInEngland, Leeone102, HowAboutNo, and Buddz909. Documenting the ephemeral graffiti and street art that constantly ebbs and flows across our streets, rooftops and tracksides – “Back to the Walls” brings together top quality photographs which capture the work of London’s finest writers, bombers and street artists.

Private View 1st May 2013 7pm
Doomed Gallery -  65/67 Ridley Road- Dalston - London - E8 2NP

Inkgoodness Beermat Characters Illustration Show

Beermat Characters is the latest project by Inkygoodness, inviting illustrators, artists & character designers to transform a beer mat (coaster) into a character.

Showcasing the talents of over 80 artists & illustrators tasked with the challenge to transform a simple beermat into a character – with surprising and delightful results! Expect a diverse selection of artworks from handmade to digital, felt plush, paper-cut outs, inked & painted, 3D sculptures & much much more!

Participating artists include:

Bart Aalbers (NL), Cachete Jack (ESP), TADO (UK) , Muxxi (GU), Ryan Quincy (USA), David Shillinglaw (UK), Florence Blanchard (FR), Kristyna Baczynski (UK), Sandra Dieckmann (UK), Scott Balmer (UK) , Dave Bain (UK), Marina Munn (BG), Sneaky Raccoon (UK), Nate Bear (USA), Toy Factory (BE), Mr Penfold (UK), Osian Efnisien (UK), Rob Pybus (UK), Sac Magique (UK) , David Shillinglaw (UK), Rilla Alexander (GE) & many more!

Launch night:
Tue 30th April, 6pm - 9pm RSVP to / Or join their Facebook event
Open daily 29th April – 4th May, 11am – 6pm
The Coningsby Gallery - 30 Tottenham Street - London W1T 4RJ

Red Stripe® Make Sessions 008

We are looking forward to the eighth Boiler Room Make Session, which will see lager beer brand Red Stripe team up with innovative T-shirt company – T-Shirt Party, for a one off night on 29th April at the world’s number one underground music show: Boiler Room.

For those of you lucky enjoy to get on the guest list for this party, Make Session 008 will showcase some of the biggest names in the underground fashion and music scene. Whilst Portico Quartet, Stubborn Heart, Factory Floor, Anushka, Eaux and CKTRL play the freshest, forward thinking beats and bangers, T-Shirt Party will present their simple and creative tees in a t-shirt exhibition. This taps into the creative ethos built into the core of Boiler Room and Red Stripe, with T-Shirt Party bringing their authentic street wear to the mix. Everyone attending the event will be given their very own t-shirt artwork created by T-Shirt Party in collaboration with Red Stripe and Boiler Room.

Make Session 008 is invite only, but can be will be broadcast live on the night of the event at so be sure and tune in live on the 29 May from 7 — 11pm

POPular GGT Exhibition ,London

Subway Gallery is delighted to host POPular, GGT's first solo exhibition in the UK, an Italian treat not to be missed.

GGT artistic journey begins in 1990 as an underground cartoonist in Milan, his colourful and ironically subversive work embraces all areas of the visual arts: painting, drawing, printing, 3D, filmaking, animation, comics, murals, design and VJing. Rather than simplify, thanks to technology and innovative communication formats, our lives are marked by unnecessary superstructures and excessive facets from a myriad of signs and information. The most simple things become complex and are experienced with less pleasure and awareness.

GGT comments and reacts to this, his style is simple and direct, based on the use of solid colours, outlined by bold sharp lines. Equally clear are the elements of his imagery, universal icons like hearts, monsters, crowns, bombs, televisions and halos. This deliberate formal simplicity conveys underlying messages through a greater complexity of content. Each artwork by GGT can be read at different levels, allowing it to be approached by anyone, regardless of age, gender, background, so realizing GGT's main goal.

Kiosk 1 - Joe Strummer Subway -  Edgware Rd /Harrow Rd - London W2 1DX

Take To The Street : Streetart & Graffiti Photography Exhibition

Fun Factory art project space is proud to present Take To The Street, a group show of Street Art & Graffiti Photography currated by Esther F. Castelo. Focusing on the eye of the photographer, it pays special attention to the individual styles of these artists and what makes their photos unique and personal.

Take To The Street celebrates photography as an art form and the passion and skills of this group of photographers. Their labour documenting Graffiti & Street Art, going that extra mile to get the perfect shot, hunting new pieces day and night, under sun, rain or snow.

Featuring the photography of: Unusualimage, Nolionsinengland, Mark Rigney (Hookedblog), Joeppo, Delete, Howaboutno, Myriam JC Preston, Alex Ellison, Doug Sherman, Cheffo31 and Ian Cox.

Take To The Street opens on Thursday 2nd May from 6-9pm and will include a program of workshops, a photographic tour, and a talk addressing the situation of Street Art & Graffiti Photography at the Contemporary Society.

RSVP via the event Facebook page here.
Top Office Machines Pop-up Gallery
133 Bethnal Green Road - London  E2 7DG

Refreshments will be provided by Desperados. 

Tiny Pencil London Launch Party

Join Tiny Pencil for the launch of the first ever issue of 'Tiny Pencil'! Amazing artists. Fizzy drinks. LIVE drawing are all promised at tonight's launch party kicking off at 7pm.

Watch awe-inspiring artists like Nick Sheehy, John D. Kilburn, Kristyna Baczynski, Jamie Mills and Vanessa Foley put their pencils to paper! And join us in other drawing-related activities throughout the evening! It's their first launch and it's going to be a REALLY good one so get your along this evening, and be first in line to feast your eyes upon the awesomeness that is Tiny Pencil!

 Issue No. 1 (The Forest Issue!) features: Kristyna Baczynski - Rachel M. Bray - Katriona Chapman - Sandra Dieckmann - Lisa Evans - Vanessa Foley - Alexandra Higlett - Amber Hsu - John Kilburn - Raymond Lemstra - John McNair - Jamie Mills - Pete Murgatroyd - Luke Pearson - Chris Rixon - Sigrid Rødli - Nick Sheehy - Allison Sommers - Rima Staines - Liam Stevens - Lizzy Stewart - Yoko Tanaka - Jack Teagle - Donya Todd - Sarah Tse - Stuart Whitton - Ward Zwart

With all the AMAZING artists lined up we are pretty sure this is destined to become a classic!

 Gosh! Comics - 1 Berwick Street - London W1F 0DR

Stour Space Designer's Market in Hackney Wick

For 4 years running, the Stour Space Designer’s Market is a platform for creative independent makers / artists / enterprises to sell and promote their work.

Visitors will find a selection of traditional and contemporary jewellery, handmade from silver, semi-precious stones, and ceramic and enamel pieces, alongside bags and handmade cards. A place to enjoy browsing and shopping for great original gifts, including local artisans homewares and photographic prints.

The first market of 2013 will be held indoors in the Stour Space gallery, Saturday 27th April, 12-5pm.
Stour Space - 7 Roach Road, London E3 2PA

Footpatrol x Saucony ‘Only in Soho’ Shadow 6000

Long established as the entertainment district for much of the 20th century – London's Soho has a reputation for sex shops, elaborate night life and the flamboyant film industry. With its eclectic atmosphere, bright neons, seedy undertones, dark alleyways and the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area, it’s place of shear entertainment on many levels! Sneaker boutique Footpatrol sits in the heart of Soho soaking up this ambience…

The term ‘Only in Soho’ started off as an in-house expression between TeamFP, which was used regularly to describe the various strange ‘goings on’ in the area, it’s now become their house hold slogan. They wanted to somehow incorporate this into a future collaboration, so when Saucony approached them they decided to use their place of residence as inspiration!

The Footpatrol x Saucony Shadow 6000 'Only in Soho' drops next week on May 3rd. Follow them on twitter here for the latest news on the release.

Carte Blanch at London Print Studio

Paper and its manipulation is the focus of Carte Blanche, a unique new exhibition at London Print Studio. This highly anticipated exhibition features designers, book artists, architects, engineers and sculptors using paper expressively to create images and objects. John Phillips, Director of LPS, comments:

"Carte Blanche is a reflection of what's going on across boundaries in the art and design worlds. Some objects on display have structural qualities: manipulating, embossing and cutting paper provides a new way of looking at the world. Much of the work is dream-like and poetic."

Artists featured are Sophie Arup, Lutz Becker, Alison Bernal, Rogan Brown, Clare Bryan, Coo Geller, Howard Gardener, Fiona Hepburn, Kaho Kojima, Brigitte Parusel, Rob Ryan, Calum Russell, and Carol Wyss.

Opening Party Thursday 25th April 2013 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Exhibition runs from April 26th - June 29th 2013

London Print Studio - 425 Harrow Road - London W10 4RE

Image :Fiona Hepburn

Leanne Petersen's - I Bought This For The Cover

Cob Studios presents 'i bought this for the cover' a photography exhibition curated by Leanne Petersen.

Taking place at The Cob Gallery and studios in Camden, London.'i bought this for the cover' documents and highlights the obsession a selected few have with print media in particular with magazines. The exhibition looks to explore into what draws one to a magazine cover and why.

It takes a reader a matter of seconds to look at a magazine cover and decide whether it justifies a purchase. Now put that previous statement into perspective, and stand it against that of the team who have put in weeks/months of planning to get that magazine to print, now ask yourself, do we really give enough time for appreciating the beauty of every magazine cover?

Leanne is a firm believer that magazines and their covers across any genre are able to stand the test of time and make for great cultural and historical artefacts. With older publications giving a sense of nostalgia, an ability to take readers back to a particular place or time with just a single cover or publication title.

As an avid reader and magazine collector herself, Leanne was inspired to look at this question and find out what magazines really mean to the fast passed consumer of today, documenting her findings in photography. All images displayed at the exhibition are photographs submitted by individuals with their favourite magazines from past and present, across various genres. Examining the relationship between the individuals and their chosen cover.

Private View: Thursday 25th April 2013 6-9pm
Open 26th April – 28th April 2013
The Cob Gallery - 205 Royal College Street - Camden, London - NW1 0SG

David Shillinglaw My Idea Of Fun

‘My idea of fun’ is a new exhibition of artworks by David Shillinglaw that moves between street and studio, a presentiation of paintings on canvas, found objects transformed and spirited wall murals.

The exhibition opens 26th April2013 6 - 9pm
Stolen Space — The Old Truman Brewery — 91 Brick Lane — London E1 6QL

Quiet British Accent: Kit & Caboodle

Kit & Caboodle is an exhibition of new work from Quiet British Accent.

Quiet British Accent explore the hero/fan relationship and the role of art in sport through a visual filter of football paraphernalia in their first solo exhibition, at Core At Nolias Gallery in London. The work includes textile art on football shirts, mixed media, graphic prints and trading cards.

Please join them at the preview evening: Thursday 25th April 2013, 6-9pm

Gallery open:
Friday 26th April 2013, 12-8.30pm
Saturday 27th April 2013, 12-5.30pm

Core at Nolias Gallery - 60 Great Suffolk Street - Southwark - London SE1 0BL
(5 min walk from Tate Modern) Nearest tube: Southwark 

Pete Hawkins Behind Closed Doors Exhibition

Behind Closed Doors takes Pete Hawkin's process of painting on found materials forward another step: it features miniature modern fables on antique doors. Each painting possesses the slightly macabre undercurrent present in both Pete's work and the most memorable folktales from one's childhood.

The exhibition includes thirteen works on wooden doors and we have held back a series of studies on wooden panels exclusively for the private view.

The private view will take place from 6pm to 9pm on 25th April at The Outsiders London, 8 Greek Street. Please RSVP with your name and your guest's name by Wednesday the 24th April. The exhibition is open to the public from 26th April to 25th May, 11am – 7pm, Monday to Saturday, and admission is free.

Print Club London Group Show

Print Club London's members and technicians GROUP SHOW opens on 9th May at 6pm in their Dalston Gallery space. If you want to join them on the opening night be sure and RSVP: The show will feature editions from: Marco Lawrence Rose Stallard Joe Vass Sam Baldwin Margoux Carpentier Simon Fitzmaurice David Shand Claudia Borfiga MOL  

PRINT CLUB LONDON GALLERY - Unit 3 10-28 Millers Ave - Dalston - London E8 2DS

Fresh Paint At Lazarides Gallery

Lazarides Rathbone is pleased to present a new group exhibition entitled Fresh Paint. The exhibition showcases select works by Brett Amory, Sandow Birk, BORF, Bill Dunlap, Katrin Fridriks, Frank Laws and the Miaz Brothers, artists who have caught the attention of Steve Lazarides as the future of contemporary painting. Replete with abstract acrylics, meticulously detailed watercolours, oils on wooden panel and works on paper, Fresh Paint highlights the breadth of styles, diverse techniques, varied media and vastly different subject matters that comprise painting practice today.

Fresh Paint will run from 19th April to 18th May
Lazarides Rathbone - 11 Rathbone Place - London - W1T 1HR

Jo Peel & Florence Blanchard Flux Exhibition

Flux features visions of despairing urban landmarks and aims to warn us about the imminent loss of ‘taken for granted’ urban icons of our current society. Jo Peel looks at the high street, its days numbered as stalwarts of our cultural landscape are closed down and re-imagined to service the changing needs of our society, while Florence Blanchard imagines the cities of tomorrow with a twist of surrealism and humour. Both artists will be creating new works on canvas and paper.

APRIL 18th – 30th 2013
Private View 18th April 2013
Ben Oakley Gallery - 9 Turnpin Lane - Greenwich Market - London SE10 

Vhils VNA Video interview preview

We have already posted about the launch party taking place on the 18th April 2013 for the latest VNA Magazine. Check this clip featuring this issues cover star, the super talented street artist Vhils

New School Exhibition at Graffik Gallery

Graffik Gallery hosts their first group show of the year on 18th April and you’re all invited. The new show is dedicated to new and emerging talent, many are artists that for some time have been using the streets as their canvasses and are making the move to gallery style work

The flavor of the show is very International with artists flying in from as far as Australia and Japan and of course from all over the British Isles. The show opens with a party on 18th April with ‘live’ painting in the Graffik Graffiti Garden and the opening of their brand new basement gallery ‘chill out’ room

The first 50 guests on the night will receive the show poster and we’ll get as many of the artists to sign and tag the posters for you.

RSVP to  
Graffik Gallery - 284 Portobello Road - London - W10 5TE

Deedee Cheriel at Pure Evil Gallery

American artist Nalini ‘Deedee’ Cheriel is in London for the opening of her new show “Little Spirit and the Infinite Longing” at the Pure Evil Gallery here in East London. The show is also presented by Coates and Scarry.

The exhibition opens with a private view on April 18th, 2013 at 6pm - 9pm.
It runs until 6pm on the May 12th

Pure Evil Gallery - 108 Leonard Street - London.

VNA Magazine 22 Launch Party London

VNA magazine invite you to celebrate the launch of VNA issue 22 with them.

This issue features Vhils on the cover and interviews with Aj Fosik, Tizer, Moneyless, Soker, Miss Led, Blaine Fontana, Vexta, Husk Mit Navn, Cranio and more! They will be launching on Thursday 18th April at The Outsiders Gallery with doors at 6pm.

Screen printed copies of the magazine will be available to purchase in a limited edition pack which includes a screen printed envelopes and four limited edition postcards. Cash only.

Beverages will be provided by Desperados.
The Outsiders Gallery - 8 Greek Street- London - W1D 4DG.

Vinnie Nylon 'Fear of a crack planet' Exhibition

New art space M850 is presenting a series of new works in print and paint from Vinnie Nylon at the recently launched space in in Hoults Yard Newcastle upon Tyne. Fear of a crack planet further explores the world of madvertising, media saturation and the public's love-hate relationship with celebrity.

Following on from his successful solo show Poptimism and group show sales at Stolen Space, Vinnie continues to straddle the dual worlds of graffiti and low brow pop art, adding to an impressive client list which includes a recent Penguin books classic book cover.

In this ongoing saga dug from the crates of his plastic wonderland, an army of mascots are pitted against each other in the visually jarring. Obese Michelin man is armed with a giant donut while a crow takes a baseball bat to a crack pipe and all sprinkled with a monsoon of candy coloured soda pop drops. Meet the googly eyed art weapons KeefBob and Lenny Crackfix luring you in for a bag of pop porn and space dust! Step inside for what will be "just one more hit"

Private View 2nd May from 6pm
Hoults Yard - Walker Road - Newcastle-upon-Tyne -NE6 2HL

Old Boot — Futher Adventures in Comic Abstraction Exhibition

Old Boot — Futher Adventures in Comic Abstraction it the title of a three day only pop-up exhibition opening later this week on Quaker Street just off Brick Lane.

Curated by Lucas Dillon and presented in association with GalleriesGoldstein the show will feature a selection of new works from Russell Maurice, Lucas Dillion, Petro, Ken Sortais, Murray O'Grady and Horfe who recently had a solo show in London. Additional info can be found on the event page on Facebook here.

April 19th - 20th Friday and Saturday 12pm - 6.30pm & by appointment  
Private View: 18th April 2013, 6.30 - 9.30pm
Silwex House - Quaker Street - London, E1 6SN

Trxtr's Solo Exhibition 'Dystopia' at Signal Gallery

The artist known as TRXTR, in his second solo show at Signal Gallery finds himself looking at a world gone mad with excess. For him the problem is that ‘in every way the Genie is out of the bottle and has become so bloated and addictive there is no way it will go back and our wishes are all used up’.

The visual imagery he uses to expresses his feelings about this complex situation we find ourselves in is overloaded with apparently random detail. The effect is seductive nearly to the point of no return. But as the artist says ‘what ever you invent has implications with teeth. I don’t even pretend to know what to do about it, it’s a mess and all I seem to be able to do is make pictures about it. It’s like sketching a train crash’.

TRXTR continues to develop his reputation as an artist of note both nationally and internationally, with this second solo show at Signal Gallery. He had his first solo show in the USA last year and has had considerable auction room success both at Bonhams and Dreweatts.

Private View: 18th April 6 - 9pm
To be included on the guest list email Signal on
The show is then open from 19th April - 11th May 2013

Secret 7" in Support of Art Against Knives

Art Against Knives invite you to Secret 7", a fundraising exhibition in partnership with Universal Music.

Tracks have been donated by Nas, Elton John, Haim, Jessie Ware, Laura Marling, Nick Drake and Public Enemy and pressed to 7" Vinyl. Artists such as Gilbert & George, Ai WeiWei, David Shrigley, are amongst the 700 creatives, students, and young people who have designed the record sleeves. The secret is you don't know which track you have or which artist designed your sleeve until you have purchased it. Each unique sleeve will be sold for only £40!!

SECRET 7", Downstairs @ Mother, Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DD.

VIEWING WEEKEND // SAT 13th - SUN 14th APRIL, 10am-7pm
SALES WEEKEND // SAT 20th - SUN 21st APRIL, 10-7am

Daft Punk's Random Access Memories: The Collaborators

Ahead of the release of Daft Punk's eagerly awaited new album Random Access Memories , the Collaborators, a series by The Creators Project takes a look at some the collaborators behind this forthcoming album Random Access Memories due for release in May.

The first two episodes in the series have been released and sees them speak with legendary Italian producer Giorgio Moroder in the first film and innovative American producer and godfather of UK garage Todd Edwards in the second.

The Collective 2 Group Exhibition at London West Bank Gallery

ECLECTIC SHOW PLANNED AT LONDON WESTBANK GALLERY. Seven Artists Present a Collective Show from 23rd – 30th April exploring Modern Art, Collage, Digital Art, Sculpture and Photography.

From Tuesday 23rd to Tuesday 30th April, 2013 the West Bank Gallery will come to life with the diverse and contrasting styles of these seven established and emerging artists.

Following on from their well received show exploring ‘Colour, Line and Form’ in October 2012, The Collective are at it again, this time with a new stable of artists representing ‘Modern Art, Collage, Digital Print and Photography’.

The show will run daily from 11:00 to 20:00 from Tuesday 23rd to Tuesday 30th April inclusive. The private view is scheduled for Tuesday 23rd April from 18:00. Invites are available from exhibition curator Danny Rose by email: or via the gallery

London West Bank Gallery - 133-137 Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill - London - W11 2RS

Beer Mat Character London Exhibition

Beermat Characters is the latest design project by Inkygoodness. Leading the way with their eclectic mix of illustration & character design, their unique collaborative projects showcase the talents of a growing number of international artists & illustrators. Inspired by the theme of ‘Beermat Characters’, their latest project showcases the talents of over 80 artists & illustrators tasked with the challenge to transform a simple beermat into a character – with surprising and delightful results!

Participating artists include:

Bart Aalbers (NL), Cachete Jack (ESP), TADO (UK) , Muxxi (GU), Ryan Quincy (USA), David Shillinglaw (UK), Florence Blanchard (FR), Kristyna Baczynski (UK), Sandra Dieckmann (UK), Scott Balmer (UK) , Dave Bain (UK), Marina Munn (BG), Sneaky Raccoon (UK), Nate Bear (USA), Toy Factory (BE), Mr Penfold (UK), Osian Efnisien (UK), Rob Pybus (UK), Sac Magique (UK)
 & many more!

Launch night:
 Tue 30th April, 6pm - 9pm

Mon 29th April till Saturday 4th May

Open daily, 10.30am - 6pm

The Coningsby Gallery - 30 Tottenham Street - London - W1T 4RJ

New Wave Photography 2013 Exhibition

The 2nd edition of the New Wave Photography Exhibition will take place in London in 19-27 April 2013.

Once again it will bring together the best artistic talent in contemporary fine art photography from across Central and Eastern Europe. This year, will showcase the work of photographers from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. After London, the exhibition will be presented to the public in Kraków, Poland from 13 June until 29 July 2013.

The Opening evening will take place on Thursday 18th April at 7pm. Please feel free to join them for a glass of wine and some good music.

The Crypt Gallery
St Pancras Parish Church - Euston Road - London - NW1 2BA
19 -27 April 2013,  12am – 7pm Free Entry
Opening Night:18 April 7-9pm

Horfe Discusses his New Works and "Imaginarium" Exhibition

For Hypebeast's latest video, they caught up with legendary street artist Horfe just in time for his "Imaginarium" exhibition at Topsafe London. Hailing from the city of Paris, Horfe's playful comic-style of graffiti can be easily recognized as he has been steadily covering trains, streets and rooftops for over a decade. Expressing somewhat a disdain for gallery street artwork -- as graffiti must be "illegal to fit that bill," Horfe believes that the gallery is the best place for describing and organizing his aesthetic in a way that he can "share with everyone, graffiti fan or not." In this video, Horfe gives an exclusive walk-through of some of his favorite piece for the exhibition while juxtaposing his works from inside and outside of the gallery.

The Gathering of the Juggalos Book Launch At Goodhood

Join Prestel for the launch of The Gathering of the Juggalos by Dan Cronin. The Gathering of the Juggalos has been called the most controversial music festival in the world, headlined by the most hated band in the world, and attended by the most notorious subculture in the world. This intimate portrait of the Gathering presents Daniel Cronin’s images of men, women, and children sitting in tents and cars, swimming in a brackish lake, painting each other’s faces and, often, staring back at the camera communicating their defiance and pride.

Launch, Thursday 4th April at The Goodhood Store,6.30 -9.30pm
Featuring Faygo cocktails!

GOODHOOD - 41 Coronet Street - London - N1 6HD.