LAVA Collective presents: Jo Peel & Stik

The LAVA Collective return to The Rag Factory off Brick Lane this Thursday as part of Time Out's First Thursdays program. They are using this event to showcase two new LAVA Collective artists : Jo Peel and Stik.

Jo Peel is a member of Scrawl Collective. She is based at Boot St Studios in Hoxton. This year has seen her  decorate The Park Bar at Glastonbury festival, and the roof of Cordy House amongst many other places. Her distinctive line drawings find beauty in scenes of urban decay and construction.

Stik is a prolific street artist who's playful, minimalist characters appear in countless poses and scenarios all over London. Each piece of his is highly site specific, painted with a sensitivity that makes them resonate with their surroundings. For this show, Stik is preparing a 3D installation of his characters in the far end of the Apricot Gallery.

The show opens Thursday 5 August, 6pm — 11pm

The Rag Factory | 16 Heneage Street | London E1 5LJ


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