Dan Witz — Video

We are loving this clip from Dan Witz.

Will Barras — Bad Reception Exhibition

“When I used to phone up Duncan (Mr Jago) he would have to go and stand on a chair in his kitchen to get reception, so I painted 'Bad Reception', the first painting I made for this body of work and the title of the show. You can see a character standing on the ledge outside his flat on the 25th floor. Does he have to stand on the ledge to get phone reception, has he just been given terrible news and he is about to jump, is he spying on the penthouse opposite, or does he just like standing on the ledge?”

Bad Reception will showcase never before exhibited works, painted over the course of the past two years, by Will Barras. Featuring stunning paintings in acrylic, spraypaint, oil and ink on canvas and linen as well as a brand new limited edition hand pulled screen print by the artist.

Will Barras’ composition and fluid lines provide poignant detail in liquid abstraction. The subject matter is readily familiar, but captured in a manner that seems to jar time and space with psychedelic abstraction. It is his way of expressing the emotional movements of this labour. It is therapy and pleasure and necessity.

The show opens on the 28 October and will run at the gallery until the 14 November 2010.

StolenSpace | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London
Image ©Will Barras

David Shillinglaw — Colourful Condition

Colourful Condition presents a collection of work by London based artist, David Shillinglaw. His work includes map-like diagrams, anatomical studies,and hieroglyphic landscapes, that discuss ideas about identity, and the riddle of the human condition.

Shillinglaw describes, “Life is a struggle. For everyone. From the smallest insect to the greatest beast, we are determined by the success we seek, and how, in turn we measure that success. Each of us experiencing ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Like a game of snakes and ladders."

The book features a foreword by Drew de Soto and is introducted by King Adz. The book is available now from the artist website.

Street Art — Seen on the streets

Dale GrimshawDale Grimshaw
Best EverBest Ever

Lots of new work going up on the streets of East London despite the recent weather. To view the full set check out our flickr.

Moniker Art Fair: Herakut

Babelgum shot this exclusive time-lapse video of German street art duo Herakut setting up their project space at this years Moniker Art Fair which took place in London last weekend.

Ronzo — The Credit Crunch Monster

This is a little mocumentary about the making of Crunchy, the infamous credit crunch monster monument of East London (located near Liverpool Street/close by the Financial District). Once Crunchy marked the rise of the credit crunch and the beginning of the recession - Now it's a monument dedicated to the victims of the financial crisis. In case anyone still wonders what it is made from, the secret is now revealed: It's not made from stone!

Hell's Half Acre — Babelgum Preview

Babelgum have been allowed an exclusive preview of Hell's Half Acre, Lazarides Galleries' new off-site exhibition, which will be open for viewing from October 12 to 17 2010. The labyrinth of tunnels beneath London's Waterloo station have been converted into a large-scale evocation of Dante's Inferno. Visitors will explore a unique interpretation of the nine circles of hell through the vision of artists including Conor Harrington, Vhils, George Osodi, Antony Micallef, Doug Foster, Todd James, Paul Insect, Mark Jenkins, Boogie, Ian Francis, Polly Morgan, Jonathan Yeo and many more.

Vermin — Room 101 Exhibition

Art-el proudly presents “Room 101, The Fine Art of Graffiti'. This is the first solo show of works from the artist Dale 'vn' Marshall a.k.a. Vermin. Room 101 will showcase 101 oil paintings completed in 101 days, (during the summer 2010), as well as five additional show paintings and site-specific installations, all deeply reflecting and exposing Vermin's ongoing battles with the rigours and demands of mental health.

In total around 140 paintings were finally completed in the 101 days before the artist enforced his stringent quality control to tailor that down to the required number.

All of the works in the exhibition will signal the artists salient diversion to the medium of oil on canvas, resulting in work with subtle backgrounds, impasto and consummate depth. Influenced by past masters and late 1800’s expressionism, yet mixed with Vermin’s highly recognisable piercing letter form and dirty graffiti aesthetic. Some are hectic, others more meditative. no doubt a reflection of the constant ebb and flow of a schizophrenic mind.

The show opens at 6.30pm on the 9 October 2010 and will run until the 22 October 2010.
The Emporium | Stokes Croft | Bristol

Boom & Bust Issue 01— London Tags

New online photozine from Deletism titled Boom & Bust and featuring a photographic collection of London tags.

Word To Mother — Blind By Stardom

An inside look of Word To Mother last day in studio during the making of his upcoming show 'Blind by Stardom' opening the 7th of October 2010 at StolenSpace Gallery in London.

filmed by Pani Paul & Viktor Vauthier.
a film by Viktor Vauthier.

The show opens this Thursday 07 October 2010 and will run until the 24 October.
StolenSpace | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London

Keista Medis Book

Keista Medis is a new book featuring a collection of work by the Lithuanian Strange Tree Animation Company, unearthed and curated by Daniel Sparkes and Russel Maurice. Limited to just 100 copies, 70 pages 27cm x 33cm Risograph 2/3/4 colour. Screenprint cover and printed on Munken Print White Colorplan cover.
Available from Ditto Press fro £25

Steve Powers — Love Letters to Syracuse

We are excited to hear that Steve Powers will be in London next week creating works here as part of the Moniker International Art Fair {covered} which opens on the 14th October.