Faile — Puzzle Box Series

Brooklyn-based multimedia artists FAILE present the Puzzle Box series, a new body of work that is the culmination of three years of experimentation, and a pioneering mobile app. The modular wooden cubes and boxes reveal a new process of deconstructing and reconfiguring imagery and narratives. And taken together these projects explore new forms of abstraction and connections between artist and audience through digital media.

“The idea to build modularity into our practice was inspired by kids wooden block puzzle games from the turn of the last century. They were so full of potential, and a natural continuation of work we were already doing with our ‘apple boxes’ — FAILE

Each functional puzzle box features 88 six-sided hand-painted cubes and comes in a custom case. Each and every piece is unique, and the works can be configured in almost limitless scenarios.

This aspect of interactivity and play is synonymous with FAILE, stemming from their enduring commitment to create work that can be enjoyed by everyone. Always encouraging the viewer to experience and understand their creative process, the Puzzle Box series, with its physical interactivity, challenges the line between artist and the viewer, and suggests new avenues of artistic expression through mobile technology.

The “Puzzle Box” story continues digitally at or grab the App at the iTunes Store, where viewers can interact with the concept, giving further life to the public aspect of their work.

Images ©Faile 2011


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