Banksy TOX Stencil In Camden

Banksy TOX in CamdenLess than 24 hours after appearing on the street the lastest streetart piece from stencil artist Banksy has been boarded up. The new stencil piece saw Banksy hitting up Jeffrey's Street in Camden and mentions legendary graffiti artist / tagger TOX who was recently convicted of criminal damage.

As with most new Banksy pieces the lastest drew a huge crowd yesterday of fans, journalists, photographers and bloggers all snapping away and tweeting. We managed to capture the piece before the work got boarded up 'to protect it' from damage! We expect that in time the piece will go the way of other recent Banksy street pieces and no doubt it will be covered in plexi-glass, which as much as we hate to see at least the public will be able to still enjoy the piece.


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