See No Evil Project — Bristol Video

This weekend has seen the See No Evil event take place in Brsitol and looks like it might possibly have been the UK's largest street art project to date.

72 artists including some of the biggest names in graffiti in the world descended on Nelson Street, painting masterpieces through the night to create a permanent cultural legacy for the city.

10 buildings, a bridge, 6 mega cranes, 326 metres of street, 26 scaffold towers, 325 litres of emulsion, 13,400 cans of paint and thousands of happy visitors

Organised by Inkie, Team Love and Weapon of Choice with the support of Bristol City Council and Nelson Street's building owners, they celebrated the project with an NYC style block party and three 'Hear No Evil' events in the incredible disused Westgate building.

Recorded over a week and edited in just 8 hours, special thanks go to Hurricane Media for this video.


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