EVOL is the moniker of one of the most exciting developments in global street art. Where most graffiti artists seek to deface buildings, EVOL delicately rebuilds them. Using deftly cut stencils, he transforms electrical boxes and plant pots into high rise apartment buildings - exact replicas of the estate where he spent his childhood in East Berlin.

Now EVOL is coming to London for his first exhibition with renowned street art promoters Pictures on Walls on December 1. Their east London gallery will see the rise of an entire city-scape built from discarded objects intricately customised by the artist.

Open for one month only, this promises to be a spectacular and unsettling experience. Like all the best street art, EVOL makes us look anew at our surroundings and explore ideas of art, its place in society and the beauty of the everyday.

Pictures On Walls - 46-48 Commercial Street - London E16LT


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