Nostalgia Exhibition at Rook & Raven

Rook & Raven Gallery opened on Thursday with ‘Nostalgia’, their first show of 2012, featuring an eclectic mix of artwork, games and ephemerae from a diverse collection of artists. The exhibition will feature work by renowned photographer Terry O’Neill as well as works from Stinkfish, Alex Daw, David Shillinglaw, Dave White and DAIN to name a few.

Nostalgia means many different things to many different people – like an emotional heirloom, or perceived antique – personal to only oneself, and both spanning and defining generations. Nothing can explain really what it is that makes something nostalgic, and no one person could ever recount exactly what makes them see something as ‘nostalgia’ – the only thing we do know, is that it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

With this in mind, Rook & Raven challenged an array of different artists, working in varied media and mediums, to present their definition of the term… or to take you back in time a little. As well as an assortment of artwork from a host of established and emerging painters, collagists and designers, photographers, they will also be featuring a selection of memories and memorabilia, featuring trinkets, games and a soundtrack to accompany the exhibition, curated on the record playing machine by their own resident DJ, Dirty Harry.

The exhibition runs at Rook & Raven until the 25th February 2012.  
Rook & Raven - 7/8 Rathbone Place - London - W1T 1HN


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