MadC - Between the Lines Print

Graffiti artist MadC has just released a new edition with La Grille Gallery. The “Between the Lines” silkscreen print pictured is available for 80CHF/70EURO here from La Grille Gallery! It is limited to 50 pieces, 50x70cm in size, 4 colours, hand printed, signed and numbered.
Earlier this month saw the opening of her solo show also at La Grille Gallery, located in Yverdon Switzerland. MadC has a selection of photographs from the work on show over on her website here. Looks pretty fresh be sure and have a look.


Cheoy Lee said...

This is beautiful. I love the contrast between the colourful bright splodges and the dark hard lines - most dramatic is the white space that is created between them, adding a whole new dimension to the painting!

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