Pandamonium at Signal Gallery

Over the years, it appears that several of Signal Galleries artists have become inspired by the iconic image of the Panda. In whatever form they emerge, whether as the bear itself or a human figure sporting an animal mask, these works always seem to be a sure-fire hit. So Signal thought… why don't we ask a large group of artists to pay homage to the Panda and produce an entire exhibition dedicated to the cuddly creatures, resulting in a sell-out, recession-proof show?

The fabulous group of artists who are taking part in the show so far include: C215, Dale Grimshaw, Jef Aerosol, Elinor Evans, Byroglyphics (Russ Mills), SPQR, TRXTR, David Le Fleming, Gaye Black, Frank Rannou, Joram Roukes and newcomers to Signal; Lora Zombie, Chris Bell and Jane Price.

The gallery have gained the support of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and we will be donating some of the huge profits made from the show to help protect our furry friends.

The show runs from 1st Jun - 16th Jun 12 2012.
Private View 31st May 6 - 9pm. To be included on the guest list please email the gallery at


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