Jonathan Darby 'CONGO' Teaser

Jonathan Darby is currently in San Francisco working on the exhibition, which was inspired by 7 months working in The Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique. With children’s charity AptART, Darby ran art workshops for street children, orphans and former child soldiers, witnessing the effect of the socio-political climate on the youth of the area firsthand. While there, Darby also experienced a resurgence of violence in the east where he was running projects, sparked by the DRC rebel activity. CONGO responds to his time spent in such an environment, highlighting Congoloese children Darby worked with, through mixed-media paintings and floor to ceiling installations.

A portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to AptART.

Jonathan Darby Solo Show - CONGO - 10 November 2012
White Walls Gallery, San Francisco


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