VON Elsewhere Exhibition At KK Outlet

KK Outlet is proud to announce an exhibition of new work by artist Von. Elsewhere, is a collection of delicately beautiful drawings based on photographs shot by Dan Sully.

Each portrait in the collection explores those fleeting moments where we involuntarily slip under and away from all of our surroundings, appearing to others absent and completely elsewhere.

Elsewhere is a reaction to an increasingly busy, saturated and invasive world where technology creeps further into our daily routine where we are actively encouraged to “share” day to day events no matter how minor or major, “Selfies” are recognised by Oxford English Dictionary and reaching for your phone when you have a spare minute to kill has become an automatic reaction. All these things make witnessing the moments where people have completely slipped into their own thoughts all the more rare, fragile and beautiful.

Writer Gavin Lucas said of his work, “Seemingly effortlessly, rather like a magician with a wand, Von uses the humble pencil to create images which let the viewer know instantly that they are beholding the work of a master craftsman at the peak of his artistry… In a digital age where it’s easy to lean towards the convenient and the quick, Von takes his time, producing images that are, due to no small amount of skill and always a cerebral approach, much more than the sum of their parts.”

Prints and originals will be available to buy throughout the exhibition.
Private View: Thursday 1 May, 7 – 9pm
Exhibition Runs: 2 – 31 May

KK OUTLET - 42 Hoxton Square - London - N1 6PB


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