Katrin Fridriks: Flying Awareness

Lazarides is pleased to present Flying Awareness, the first solo exhibition in London from Icelandic abstract painter Katrin Fridriks, running from June 26th to July 24th at Lazarides Rathbone.

Following Fridriks' acclaimed participation in Lazarides’ 2013 group shows BRUTAL and Fresh Paint, the exhibition comprises a brand new body of work, marking the completion of her latest pictorial developments, and will invade the ground-floor of the gallery for one month this summer.

In keeping with Fridriks’ creative process, Flying Awareness will identify the strengthening of her signature style of idiosyncratic dripping enlargements and bold monochromatic leaking effects. Through endless technical experimentation, thin and almost transparent layers of kaleidoscopic colour appear across the canvases, fine tuning both the execution and conception of the final works. Movement and speed emerging from the vivid works invite the viewer to apprehend the powerful abstractions through different perspectives. Referencing a photographic aesthetic, the meanderings of Fridriks’ distinctive liquid drippings create an energy of their own and provide a new dimension to discover inside the artwork itself.

Partly inspired by her native land and its remote surroundings, Fridriks' explosive paintings can be interpreted as imaginary landscapes or reminiscent of satellite imagery. With multi-layered canvases acting as a catalyst, the spontaneous and graphical nature of the compositions offer a moment of freedom and reflection. The conceptual painter encourages viewers to seek out their own perception of the subjects within the works: eyes of a wild animal, a silhouette giving substance to a flying creature, or a savage and desolate landscape.

Katrin Fridriks’ well-defined colours and expressive architectural style provide an evocative impression, orientated towards staging distance from the paintings themselves and instead highlighting the viewer’s own perception and imagination. Working on both a micro and macro level the new body of work promises to provide a strong experiential experience.

26 June – 24 July 2014
Private View: 23 June 2014
Lazarides Rathbone, 11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR


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