Askew & Fintan Mcgee - Oceanic

RexRomae is pleased to present the exhibition “Oceanic,” featuring new works by Askew One and Fintan Magee, two urban artists both proclaimed for their distinctive aesthetic styles. “Oceanic” is an exhibition that will cohesively articulate varying characteristics of the Pacific region.

Askew One's most recent work features layered and vibrant portraits of female subjects from the Pacific region that emanates the historic and modern dispersion of Pacific people. Askew One’s kaleidoscopic and textured paintings for “Oceanic” express how people determine their belonging to the social “tribes” of today amidst their ancestral identity.

Fintan Magee’s new works explore themes around Australiana and identity. Drawing on personal experience, he creates a narrative surrounding his experience with the 2011 Brisbane floods and explores greater issues of climate change and the environment.

Preview list can be requested at

SHOW RUNS July 24 - 30 2014,
17-19 Great Eastern Street, London EC2


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