ZINA Exhibition at Canvas Bar, London

The Norwegian artist internationally known as Artist Zina , is a young London-based street artist who has become well known for her blue-scale portraits of women and children. She has been getting a lot of attention this past year and has been invited to an increasing number of street art festivals. Whereas she paints mostly in London and the UK, she has also been beautifying walls in Jamaica and even Oslo.

She only started spraying 4 years ago when she moved to London after finishing her bachelor degree in illustration in the SouthWest of England. Mostly self taught, she has been picking up a few tips and tricks from the guys, but has explored the use of cans on her own during live events and festivals.

Current work documents her interest for the urban art scene that has sparked a desire to work with spray paint. These outdoor paintings combine influences, looking at realistic portraiture and different ethnic cultures. Her studio work comes from an interest in a rising, Pop-surrealistic Movement, that demonstrates bold colours, rustic steam punk, symbolism and decorative elements.

Exhibition: 2 April - 30 April
Canvas Bar , 235 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HE.


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