New Dourone mural in Sweden

Street Artists Dourone have created their first large-format installation in Sweden in collaboration with KulturHotellet Helsinborg.

The large artwork titled LITA 00 :00,02 is part of the record that the artist is developing and talks about the consolidation and fragmentation using time as the basis in the 21st century through the female figure.

This installation was totally designed and made by the artist and specially created for the place. Both, the structure and the hand painted 64 panels of 1m2 are made of wood. The wood has an anti-humidity treaty to ensure its duration over time as well as 4 layers of paint in addition to the artwork own acrylic paint.It also has 170 anchor points to the wall. With a total of 4 people, this installation was carried out on site in less than 2 weeks.
The new artwork is now visible in the city of Angelholm, Sweden.


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