Dave Towers solo show At BSMT Gallery

Dave Towers Dalston Exhibition at BSMT Gallery, London

Typography meets wit. Dave Towers, the name behind design campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world has long mastered the art of visual communication. 

Having climbed the ladder rung by rung in the advertising world, he has seen his typography applied on everything from bicycles to billboards. 'Hope' the first solo show by Towers will encompass the personal work and passion of the artist by showcasing his playful manipulation of the physicality of type through a collection of canvases. 

Yes the letters and words create meaning but the forms themselves stand alone and are equally as important. Twenty years of working digitally has by contradiction resulted in his ability to produce near perfect lettering using only marker pens by hand. Watching the process is hypnotic, captivating and somewhat unbelievable.

This highly-anticipated show will mark the reopening of BSMT Gallery this September, as they prepare to welcome us back to their revamped gallery space based in Dalston, London. 

Expect large and small scale works, abstract paintings, painting on glass and a few playful references to our shared experience of what 2020 has represented so far.

'Hope' opens on September 3rd with a private view and will run from Sept 4th to Sept 20th.

To RSVP for the opening night email: info@bsmt.co.uk
BSMT, 529 Kingsland Rd, London, E84AR


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