About us

Invisiblemadevisible was founded in 2001. A UK street art and culture website with a focus on London and specifically East London. The site was built initially as a place to share the pictures of what we were seeing on the streets in the Shoreditch / Old street/ Brick Lane areas of East London. The invisiblemadevisble blog is where we will share all the latest news from gallery shows openings, events, parties, screenprint releases and what ever else grabs our attention.

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To discuss advertising, creative projects, commissions, commercial collaborations or events, please contact the Invisiblemadevisible team via email: invisiblemadevisible@gmail.com

You can also find us on Twitter — @IMV_streetart, Flickr — Invisiblemadevisible, Facebook — Invisiblemadevisible, Youtube — Invisiblemadevisible, Pinterest — Invisiblemadev