Felipe ‘FLIP’ Yung — ShungaPop

“Shunga Pop” is Felipe Yung “Flip”’s first solo exhibition in London. The artist shows the ironic aesthetics of pop art within a particular universe such as oriental pornography.

There are indicators that the production of erotic drawings denominated Shunga (cent. XVI) was meant exclusively for the court. It took hundreds of years for this art to be popularized and the purpose of such images were not exclusively for pleasure and visual stimulus, but also for sexual education from foreplay practices to proper hygiene. In the Western World, they would have probably been censored due to its explicit and out of proportion sexual organs.

Flip is part of Famiglia Baglione and lives in São Paulo, as cosmopolitan a city as New York and London, home to the largest Japanese population outside Japan. Due to his multiple cultural roots, the artist has great admiration and is largely influenced by the oriental culture and philosophy, a constant element in his artwork.

The exhibition features paintings executed on handmade paper originally printed in Kyoto, Japan. In a malicious way the images lacking decorum suggest paradoxes, once there is dialogue between sexual elements and childish characters and vibrant patterns.

Pure Evil Gallery | 108 Leonard st | London EC2A 4XS


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