The Friends of Tony Romanoff Exhibition

Live from the teenage reliquary, the last golden archipelago of memory feats, the SAW archive in association with The Friends of Tony Romanoff presents a group show curated by Lucas Price.

Dalston as remembered by a dead academic, Whitechapel market pushed into a toilet cubicle of the Hacienda circa 1989, a high street photocopy shop with a walk through tour guided by Buckminster Fuller, the rose as a potential psychedelic catalyst. All of the works presented, and indeed the entire SAW archive, concern themselves with the time leading up to the death of Ghostly Cassette and the threshholding of imagery therein.

Featuring selected photos, reproductions and installed re stagings of events, you are invited to come up with your own version of how this might have gone down.

Private view 31st March 2011, 6 - 9pm. Show runs until the 13th Arpil 2011.
Pure Evil Gallery | 108 Leonard Street | London | EC2A 4RH

Exhibition sponsored by adidas
See the adidas all in video featuring the artist here.


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