Sego in Mexico

This first video shows the work of Sego, in collaboration with MAMUTT. The mural "Proteo" was painted in the house of Cauce Ciudadano as part of the urban gallery MAMUTT is doing in collaboration with them. In this gallery there are also walls by ROA, Saner, Liqen, Dhear, Broken Crow and M-CITY.  

They are painting in areas with problems of violence and delinquency (painting on peoples houses and businesses) creating a space where gangs can coexist without violence, helping to build peace, we show that this expression can become a job and a piece of art, it helps to trigger creativity in potential artists, this project also helps those areas by bringing new positive vibes and new ideas to the neighborhood, improving the way people live and interact everyday, we recover public spaces with art.

The "Urban Gallery" is in the Colonia 7 de Noviembre in the Gustavo A. Madero district, in Mexico City. 


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