TerrorWrist — Occupy London Stock Exchange

This weekend saw the occupation at the London Stock Exchange begin. Whilst the crowds targeted the entrance to the Stock Exchange, UK street artist TerrorWrist was busy renaming Padernoster Square - the home of the London Stock Exchange, to Tahrir Square - in solidarity with the pro democracy movement in the Middle East.
TerrorWrist says:

‘The bank crisis was caused by financial organisations like the London Stock Exchange – they are the banks; hedge funds;stock markets and speculators taking your money and manipulating it to create up to 10 times more electronic money. This money doesn’t even exist, its a number on a screen of some computer in an office, where coked up city boys takes huge risks. They use it to bet and gamble, Las Vegas style and when these bets and gambles fail they ask governments for money to bail them out. The worst part is that your money is given to them by the governments that are supposed to protect you and your family from these well dressed gangsters.’


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