Protein's Taste Academy

Book your tickets now for a unique exploration of taste led by some of the country's top creative minds.

Taste is both a sense and a preference; a gustatory pleasure and a social inquiry. For their latest Protein Academy, they're inviting you to dive into the vast world of taste, flavour and aroma with a 2-hour experience curated by DunneFrankowski, the renowned coffee connoisseurs behind Protein by Dunnefrankowski, their in-house coffee shop.

On Wednesday 2nd May, the 18 Hewett Street gallery space will transform into a playground for your taste buds with three industry experts leading the Academy: design and catering studio Blanch and Shock, Institute of Food Research chemist Dave Hart, and The Whistling Shop's Ryan Chetiyawardana.

On the night you can expect a unique breakdown of taste and aroma, behind-the-scenes cocktail deconstructions, sensory food fun, and an edible education on the genetics of taste. Tickets are £35 and limited, so book your tickets now

2nd May 2012 // 7pm - 9pm
18 Hewett Street - Shoreditch - London - EC2A 3NN


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