Static - Moments Of Clarity Exhibition

‘Moments of Clarity’ opens tonight and will debut an evolved body of work from the artists Static. This exhibition will showcase their new ‘layered’ work, which toys with light, reflection and transparency to create unique pieces mixing screen printing and stenciling on layers of glass, Perspex and aluminum. This practice results in ‘floating’, deconstructed portraits and multi-layered symbols and patterns, in which hope, dreams and escapism are visualised.

Taken from the 'Portraits' collection, an exclusive new paper edition by STATIC will launch at the show and will be available from the opening night of the exhibition. During the show, STATIC will be offering the public an opportunity to see them at work, something usually confined to their small Hackney studio. During the live printing in the gallery, STATIC will print and sign exclusive to the night screenprints that will be available to purchase. STATIC will also be using the window of the gallery to create one of their signature, layered artworks. This live element of the exhibition will offer a completely unique experience that promises to transport the viewer into the world in which the artwork is set.

‘Moments of Clarity’ will be open to the public on Friday 27th April 2012 through to the Saturday 26th May 2012. To attend tonight's opening RSVP:

Whisper - 27-28 Eastcastle Street - London - W1W 8DH


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