Art Relay at KK Outlet

To celebrate this year’s London Olympics like all good Londoners should, KK Outlet have invited a group of artists, designers, musicians and writers from across the world to take part in Art Relay.

It works in pretty much the same way as a regular relay only instead of a baton the teams pass on a piece of art. Artworks will be a mixture of graphic prints, photography, video art, sculpture and interactive installations. Each piece takes inspiration from the Olympics; looking at patriotism, victory as well as the darker side of the Olympics such as drug taking, surveillance and displacement.

Contributors include: Craig Oldham / Ill Studio / Thomas Mailaender / Max Lamb /Danny Sangra / Andrew De Francesco / Jackie Young / Will Bryant / La Bolleur / Oskar Peet / Joost Jansen / Leonard & Jeroen / Keetra Dean Dixon / Timothy Goodman / William Morrisey / Ed Nacional / James Bridle / Studio Goodone / Sean Freeman / Karim Zariffa / Simon Bilodeau

Private View: Thursday 2 August, 7pm-9pm
Exhibition Runs: 3 – 25 August
KK Outlet - 42 Hoxton Square - London - N1 6PB.


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