PETRO - 39 3/4 At Tower Art Gallery

'Tower Art Gallery' is proud to present, PETRO. 'Age 39 3/4', an exhibition of work by british artist PETRO, an undeniable figure in british graffiti with a career of emptying spray cans around the globe spanning over 25 years.

Following recent exhibitions in London, Amsterdam and Stockholm Tower Art Gallery have had PETRO as a resident artist at their space in Newcastle, for what will be the gallerys first solo show at the space.

As always PETRO 's distinctive style is pure and relentless in the exploration of graffiti letterform. Be sure to expect an array of visuals from captivating pattern repetition to the residential installation pieces, galactic 3D sculptures, drawings, paintings, prints and garments.As ever homage to Ralph Lauren is paid in full. 'Age 39 3/4' is an insight into the nomadic life of an artist on the verge of a mid life crisis.

Private View- 2nd August, 7pm-10pm.
Opens- August 2nd until August 30th.

THE TOWER -  Ouesburn Valley - Stepney Road -Newcastle. (NE2 1TZ)


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