Kurt & The Gang - Belly Kids‏ Exhibition

Kurt Cobain is one of the most iconic figures of the Twentieth Century. He’s the poster boy for the MTV generation.

Belly Kids celebrate Cobain’s legendary status with Kurt and the Gang, an illustrated sticker collection chronicling the life, influence and friends of Kurt Cobain. The book is packed with work from 13 artists in the form of 60 stickers and features illustrations not only of the Nirvana singer/guitarist, but also of his friends and contemporaries including Daniel Johnston, Courtney Love, The Pixies, Dave Grohl and more.

The launch of the book will be accompanied by a month long exhibition at KK Outlet where illustrations from the book will be on show alongside specially devised, extended work.

Belly Kids will also be showing a selection of previous work in our side gallery including original pieces from Thrill Murray, The Mona Pizza, Monsters, Milkshakes, The Egyptians and more.

Artists involved – Murray Somerville, Patrick Schmidt, Michael C Hsiung, Sophy Hollington,Nick Alston, Chris Golden, Steve Keane, Paul Windle, Sean Morris, Thomas Key, Anneka Lange, Stu Ross, Thomas Slater, James Clapham, Logan Fitzpatrick, Christopher Worker,Sophie Alda, James Burgess, Louise Handyside, Daniel Fischel, Daisy Whitewolf and Mike Kilkelly.

Private View: Thursday 10th January 7 – 9pm
Exhibition Runs: 10 – 28th January

KK Outlet - 42 Hoxton Square - London - N1 6PB


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