Spraying Bricks - Episode 6 - ID-IOM

Spraying Bricks ventured south of the river to an abandoned, soon to be demolished, 5 storey Edwardian building. Standing outside the townhouse there was a feeling of desertion, but as you walk through the door of the Brixton property it is clear to see that ID-IOM have made their mark. With their studio situated in the basement, and their canvas being the entire building, the two brothers have established a creative hub that has no limits or restrictions. With very little space left to paint, Spraying Bricks were fortunate enough to capture a glimpse of the process these guys go through on a daily basis within the house of paint.

ID-IOM are a collective based in Brixton. Originally from the Isle Of Man, brothers Hugo and Sholto adopted their name from their late, father's art supplies shop. However, their father was not the only person to influence them in their lives. Their mother was a seamstress, and their older brother was the person responsible for exposing them to graffiti culture. With a creative gene running in the family, it is unsurprising that Hugo and Sholto have taken the path they have. Since moving to London, Hugo's and Sholto's work has developed and progressed ten-fold, with unique techniques and styles which ensures that their work is recognisable and stands out from the crowd.

Check out more of ID-IOM here: http://www.id-iom.com


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