Tiny Pencil London Launch Party

Join Tiny Pencil for the launch of the first ever issue of 'Tiny Pencil'! Amazing artists. Fizzy drinks. LIVE drawing are all promised at tonight's launch party kicking off at 7pm.

Watch awe-inspiring artists like Nick Sheehy, John D. Kilburn, Kristyna Baczynski, Jamie Mills and Vanessa Foley put their pencils to paper! And join us in other drawing-related activities throughout the evening! It's their first launch and it's going to be a REALLY good one so get your along this evening, and be first in line to feast your eyes upon the awesomeness that is Tiny Pencil!

 Issue No. 1 (The Forest Issue!) features: Kristyna Baczynski - Rachel M. Bray - Katriona Chapman - Sandra Dieckmann - Lisa Evans - Vanessa Foley - Alexandra Higlett - Amber Hsu - John Kilburn - Raymond Lemstra - John McNair - Jamie Mills - Pete Murgatroyd - Luke Pearson - Chris Rixon - Sigrid Rødli - Nick Sheehy - Allison Sommers - Rima Staines - Liam Stevens - Lizzy Stewart - Yoko Tanaka - Jack Teagle - Donya Todd - Sarah Tse - Stuart Whitton - Ward Zwart

With all the AMAZING artists lined up we are pretty sure this is destined to become a classic!

 Gosh! Comics - 1 Berwick Street - London W1F 0DR


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