Leanne Petersen's - I Bought This For The Cover

Cob Studios presents 'i bought this for the cover' a photography exhibition curated by Leanne Petersen.

Taking place at The Cob Gallery and studios in Camden, London.'i bought this for the cover' documents and highlights the obsession a selected few have with print media in particular with magazines. The exhibition looks to explore into what draws one to a magazine cover and why.

It takes a reader a matter of seconds to look at a magazine cover and decide whether it justifies a purchase. Now put that previous statement into perspective, and stand it against that of the team who have put in weeks/months of planning to get that magazine to print, now ask yourself, do we really give enough time for appreciating the beauty of every magazine cover?

Leanne is a firm believer that magazines and their covers across any genre are able to stand the test of time and make for great cultural and historical artefacts. With older publications giving a sense of nostalgia, an ability to take readers back to a particular place or time with just a single cover or publication title.

As an avid reader and magazine collector herself, Leanne was inspired to look at this question and find out what magazines really mean to the fast passed consumer of today, documenting her findings in photography. All images displayed at the exhibition are photographs submitted by individuals with their favourite magazines from past and present, across various genres. Examining the relationship between the individuals and their chosen cover.

Private View: Thursday 25th April 2013 6-9pm
Open 26th April – 28th April 2013
The Cob Gallery - 205 Royal College Street - Camden, London - NW1 0SG


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