Jack Stocker's Minimal Sneaker Study Exhibition

Jack Stocker is an 18 year old design student who has just finished a two year course at Worthing College studying Graphic Design, Textiles and Photography. In Photography Jack is strongly inspired by street photographer Markus Hartel. In Textiles, Peter Crawley and in Graphic Design the one that stuck out from many was Paul Huxley.

When studying in design subjects a huge aspect of the courses involve looking at other artists/designers work whether you like them or not, which is how these designs being held in the Exposure gallery came about. Jack has a huge interest in fashion and trainers which he often illustrates when designing, but this time it was a case of being unique. After analysing Paul Huxley’s basic shapes and how they work together he applied a similar technique with a series of original Nike trainers released before 2000. Jack took apart the basic elements of a trainer and illustrated it in the way he sees the trainer when you think about the idea of basic shapes used within.

These 6 framed pieces are one off signed pieces by the artist that are all available for sale. In September Jack goes on to take the Art Foundation Course held and Brighton and Hove City College for 1 year.

When: 9th August – 1st September | Between 18.30 & 20.30

Where: Exposure Gallery - 22-23 Little Portland Street - London - W1W 8BU


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