Know Hope: The Abstract And The Very Real Film

This August, Tel Aviv-based artist Know Hope made his solo debut at Lazarides Rathbone with a new exhibition, The Abstract and The Very Real.
Addressing the human condition and its collective social existence through a series of unique works and a site-specific installation, the exhibition questions the ubiquitous notion of the "abstract and the very real", the weight and burden of which though universally apparent is often unidentifiable to most.

Appropriating found objects, vintage frames and old papers, Know Hope filled the exhibition with assemblages that visually embody abstract concepts of memory and temporality. Reclaimed materials will came together breaking free from the confines of canvas or frame, his archetypal character crawling from one to the next with the frames representing the empty spaces in our lives and our undying struggle to fill them.

Continuing his examination of the various things that stand between us – the borders, fences, flags and walls that dictate our lives – the artist draws parallels with the collective human condition, interpreting them as an emotional mechanism. The political implications of these objects are intended to trigger feelings of separation and our begrudging acceptance of such universally experienced forces of segregation within quotidian existence.

Greatcoat Films caught up with Know Hope in the run up to his show at Lazarides Gallery for this film.


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