Anthony Lister NEVER ODD OR EVEN - PART 1

Anthony Lister was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1979 and he received his BFA at Queensland College of Art in 2001. He was a pioneering force in the stencil and street art movement in Brisbane before moving to New York City in 2003 to apprentice under Max Gimblett.

He employs a sophisticated, fine art, painterly style in both his street art and his works exhibited inside galleries. High and low culture clash in his paintings, drawings, and installations where boorish superheroes, flirtatious ballerinas, bad-tempered old masters, and imperious vamps raucously coexist. With exhibitions worldwide, Lister's latest shows in Milan and Los Angeles have turned his focus back to the human form, and more specifically, the female figure as ballerina.

An interesting counterpoint to the recent Degas show in London, Lister presents a more rough-hewn, but surprisingly delicate take on the dancer's body. Today, he lives and works in Brisbane and is represented exclusively by the Robert Fontaine Gallery.

Film produced by BPTD Production


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