JaguarShoes Collective present Made You Look Exhibition by Mark Ward

Prepare to be transported into a ticker tape parade with candy floss cocktails and confetti cannon's

Viewing the world through his own kaleidoscopic lens, Mark Ward presents this brand new body of work which proposes mascots, distorted pop infused creatures and cheering parades of psychedelic coloured icons.

Presented across a variety of media including paintings, drawing, inflatable sculpture and lights. This celebration of hazy memories and youthful optimism is installed across the ground floor exhibition space of DreamBagsJaguarShoes, creating a pop cultural hyperbole in plastic Technicolor that intends to work simultaneously in a paradoxical harmony and contrast with humdrum of the city streets.

A child of the late 1980s, Mark was heavily influenced by the day-glo representations of exotic Americana that his TV beamed into his home in the South London suburbs. The images he saw contrasted the reality of his drab UK surroundings, and set his imagination loose. In this pre-internet era, Mark was receiving snippets of game shows, skate videos, NFL coverage & commercials. These elements created a wasteland of visual reference that, with the optimistic outlook of his childhood, Mark pieced together to create his own distorted Californian ideal.

The path of adulthood has brought with it a mundane everyday reality. Where Mark is a stranger in his own clouded neon world -the sun-scorched Nirvana he aspired towards has dissolved away. However, his fascination with Americana has not left his conscious.

Private View: 12th September 2013.
JaguarShoes Collective - 32-34 Kingsland Road - Shoreditch - London - E2


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