Jessica Eaton: Ad Infinitum Exhibition

The Hospital Club Gallery presents the debut London show of recent work from Jessica Eaton, in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery. A ground breaking photographic series, Eaton’s work is highly sought after and has been recognised with grants and awards, she was awarded the Hy√®res, Photography Jury Grand Prize, 2012.

Eaton’s latest work views the world through the capabilities of photography using a wide array of experimental, analogue-based photographic techniques such as color separation filtration, additive color theory, multiple exposures, motion blur, in-camera masking, cross polarization and lighting techniques. Building on her highly reviewed series Cubes for Albers and LeWitt (cfaal) with Polytopes Eaton develops more configurations from repeated fragments, constructing sculptural works on sheets of large format film. The haunting, luminescent images bloom and grow before the viewer, the result of layered time and additive color theory.

Friday 24th January - Saturday 8th February
FREE ENTRANCE (11am - 6pm)
The Hospital Club - 24 Endell Street - London - WC2H 9HQ


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