Alex Fakso — Fast Or Die Book

Fast or Die is Alex Fakso's new photographic project, which comes to life after five years of travelling around the world, from London to the US, and as far as Russia and Japan. Metropolitan narratives immortalized in 60 shots: portraits of people running, taking the subway, sleeping on docks, sneaking into tunnels. This time Fakso expands his view beyond graffiti and tracks a robust framework of the metropolitan scenario embracing the people who inhabit it. Images of ordinary people, common people plunged into the underground chaos : Fast or Die is a powerful photo strip describing the world through the subways - a report of the contemporary underground.

To tie in with the release of the book, 55DSL created six tees with pics and graphics taken from Alex's book. Both the book and the tees are available to buy online from 55DSL's website here.

An exhibition/launch is also planned at 55DSL’s flagship London store and will take place on the 28 April 2011.
55DSL Flagship Store | 10A Newburgh Street | London W1


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