The Krah - Urban Art Exhibition

Lava Gallery are proud to present their newest exhibition featuring the work of THE KRAH. THE KRAH is a decrepit yet talented young man who has wasted most of his youth scribbling on everything and using any medium he could get his hands on.

Brought up in the Mediterranean chaos of Europe’s most ancient city, ironically the one that gave birth to democracy.
The KRAH was always fascinated by the urban disorder of his hometown of Athens, Greece (where the priests are the richest men and the sunstroke makes the nation think that democracy still exists.)

As vandalism was the most fun thing to do, THE KRAH started painting the streets and the subway trains of Athens in 1997, but his graffiti, stickers and street-art can also be seen in the streets all over Europe and cities such as Tokyo and Bangok.

The KrahAfter moving to East London The KRAH is still a very active street-artist and if graffiti is about underground freestyle funky visuals in illegal spots, THE KRAH has plenty of them to offer.

On the other hand The KRAH has also exhibited in lots of galleries in London and internationally in gallerys such as: Brooklynite in New York, ATM Gallery in Berlin, Art Basel at Miami Beach, in both of the Mutate Britain shows, Black rat Press, the Pure Evil Gallery and Art-Republic in London or Whinos Gallery Washington and the Vavel International Comics Festival in Athens.

LAVA Gallery | 1.11 Kingly Court | London W1B 5PW
Opening Party: Thursday,14th April from 6- 9.30pm
Exhibition: Thursday, 14th April - 20th April 2011
Open Daily, 11am-7pm. Sunday: 12pm-6pm


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