Antony Micallef — The Abduction of Persephone Print Release

The Outsiders are set to release Antony Micallef’s first print edition of 2011, 'The Abduction of Persephone'. This ambitious project (something of an understatement for a 20-colour screen print with two additional glazes) has resulted in a magnificent edition of only 100 signed and numbered prints, each measuring 86 x 61 cm and priced at £500.

The Abduction of Persephone will be available online exclusively from The Outsiders on Thursday April 14th 2011 from 18.00 hours (6pm) UK time (that’s approximately 10.00 (10am) on the west coast of the USA and 13.00 (1pm) on the east).

While we have no doubt this is beautifully printed, for us this image looks a little too much like some of Xenz work.


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