Antony Micallef 'A Little Piece of Me' London Exhibition

Following the runaway success of Antony Micallef's 2011 show 'Happy Deep Inside My Heart' at Lazarides Rathbone Gallery, The Outsiders London is delighted to announce his next solo show 'A Little Piece of Me' opening this March.

'A Little Piece of Me' consists of ten new examples based on his ongoing 'Head' series, each titled 'A Little Piece of Me' one to ten. Antony paints his Head pieces at the beginning of a painting process and is his way of getting his creative juices flowing, they serve as a way of capturing a certain sentiment - or vehemence.

Antony's relationship with the Head paintings is spontaneous, intimate and physical: "The end result is never known before I begin. The mark making creates the expression of the face, changing it with each stroke. I'm constantly picking up the canvas, turning it around, trying to control the drips and throwing it back down." The Head paintings that make it to galleries endure rigorous edit and many are destroyed.

Antony's Head paintings are highly admired by both Antony's partisan fans and those viewing his art for the first time, and The Outsiders London promises that 'A Little Piece of Me' is a show not to be missed.

Show dates: 9 March – 28 April 2012
Private View: 8th March 2012
The Outsiders - 8 Greek Street - Soho - London - W1D 4DG


East Village London said...

Interesting style this; kind of Bacon meets Freud? Big meaty brush strokes and lots of texture...

Think I'll be heading down to this!

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