Happy Medium Exhibition At The Nancy Victor Gallery

Happy Medium is an exhibition of artists whose work speaks both of its history, and of its currency, as contemporary visual language.

In a world of art constantly shifting between styles and genres, it seems more and more difficult to pin something down as being distinct and defined. In recent decades we have seen the line between Art and Graffiti blur, while Illustration and Graphic Design are defined by the context or format in which they are presented and consumed. Figurative and abstraction battle out on the same canvas, while Pop and Surrealism sit on the sidelines making jokes.

Happy Medium presents a selection of artists whose works bridge the gaps between process and styles. Materials, mediums and subject matters are deliberately mixed, cross pollinating ideas from Art History and contemporary culture, both of discovery.

Artists involved in this exciting new exhibition include Sickboy (UK), Mymo (Germany), Fefe (Brazil), Remi/Rough (UK), Jaybo Monk (Germany), Monica Canilao (USA), Matt Small (UK), Sam Bassett (UK), Steve More (UK), Boris Hoppek (Spain), Erkut Terliksiz (Turkey), David Shillinglaw (UK), Best/Ever (UK) and Lynnie Zulu (UK)

Private View: 8 March 2012/ 6.30— 8.30PM
Show: 8th -  30th  March 2012

Nancy Victor Gallery - 6 Charlotte Place - London  - W1T 1SG


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