BÄST - BOOF-FONTY and HANGAR Limited Editions

Dropping tomorrow (Thursday March 15th 2012) are these two giant, highly limited varied editions by Brooklyn artist BÄST.

'Boof-Fonty' pictured above and 'Hangar 12' below will delight the New York street artist's many fans, made as they are in the cult favourite's trademark 'dirty pasting' style. Both were created entirely by BÄST at The Outsiders' Execution Dock studio as you can see in the photos below.

Whilst fashion designer Marc Jacobs chose BÄST as a long-term collaborator as his style 'embodied New York', BÄST's range of prints for The Outsiders are in many ways inspired by London. 'Boof-Fonty' uses 80s womenswear imagery dedciated to the sloane ranger trend of that era: and 'Hangar 12' features a Flying Fortress bomber of the kind donated to the Royal Air Force by the American government in the earliest, pre-Pearl Harbour days of World War Two.

Both are in very limited numbers so be ready when the alert sounds at 16:00 GMT at The Outsiders shop. Images via The Outsiders


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