LDN Captured at Boxpark

Google ‘London’ and you’ll find an assortment of photos of Red Buses, Bridges and faceless buildings, iconic as they are; there is more to London than the facade we often see.

In an attempt to uncover a true view of our capital city The Capture Collective selected 15 Londoners to embark on a 100 day challenge to capture and share their perspective of our streets. Guided by their creative wit and briefs written by London based poets and writers, our team started a journey through London and you have arrived at the final stop.

Join Boxpark at the private view of LDNxLDN a showcase of London photography by Londoners and become part of their London tale by dusting down your camera taking part in our LDNxLDN challenge at the Boxpark gallery this Thursday 2nd August from 6-9PM. Drinks are provided by Havana Club and Fever Tree and can be enjoyed by those with a Boxpark loyalty card, or by signing up for one on www.boxpark.co.uk/activate


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