Vinnie Nylon - Poptimism Preview Video

Vinnie Nylon has been involved in the street art and graffiti movement for over 25 years, producing walls, print, paintings, graphics and billboards for a variety of small and international companies and commissioners. Poptimism, will be the artists first solo show in London opening early next month.

This all new body of work is born out of a lifelong collecting obsession, a visual playground in which all of the collected toys and mascots meet head on, a collision designed to level the fields of high and low art. Where old meets new and ultra cute takes on a slightly sinister undertone.

The works on show include vintage petrol cans, sticker art, fanzine and screen print as well as a number of new paintings and mixed media pieces. Trademark bright colours and thick impasto sit beside the more demure offerings of hand finished print and collage pieces.

This show will be a must see, be sure and mark your calendars Saturday 8th September 2012 at High Roller Society Galley in East London.


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