Cash For Your Warhol "CFYW Russian" Limited Edition Print

Earlier in the week Papermonster introduced to the site a new print by the artist known as Cash For Your Warhol. Cash For Your Warhol is the brainchild of Geoff Hargadon, whose photography has appeared in a number art publications and who started the project in 2009. Cash For Your Warhol references art-as-commodity, the financial crisis, and the ubiquitous signage to which it responds. While appearing in a variety of media, the corrugated plastic signs remain today CFYW’s best-known work, featuring a deadpan design that both blends into and frames the landscapes in which they appear.

They released an edition of these corrugated plastic signs on the Paper Monster site. This edition of 200 signs is CFYW's largest edition to date, and was first seen in its public iteration during the Miami 2012 art fairs. Available now for $150 from the Papermonster site here.


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